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Squirrel – Coming Soon!

I did this movie last year. We shot at Aldworth Manor in late September and October. It was a gorgeous location and such a great time with a great team. I’m very grateful to have had this experience and I’m REALLY excited for you all to see it!

Follow these accounts for more details:

HCT.Media Squirrel Movie Instagram

Of course there’s still my Twitter, Instagram and Fanpage which will also have details as they become available – so follow those today!

Shameless plug:

If you like t-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs I suggest you check out our merch in our SHOP.

And of course I’ll be posting updates here as they happen.

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New Movie Trailer – East of Jesus

Last summer Rene and I shot a movie called East of Jesus.

It comes out this spring! Here’s the first trailer:

Like it, share it, enjoy.

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Home – A Horror Short Starring My Wife

HOME title image

You may remember that last year Rene and I were involved in the Fun Size Horror project, a series of 31 horror shorts that were released the week of Halloween. Rene and I were directly involved in the production of two of them: Bloody Marywhich featured Rene and our niece Katie, and Home which starred Rene and our friend Matt Conde. After the release embargo was over I released Bloody Mary right away – but I thought that I had lost the final file for Home!

During a massive file transfer to my backup drives I found it, and posted it on YouTube for all to see! So please watch and enjoy Home:


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Last Weekend to see me in Avenue Q!

Ave Q Logo

This weekend ends my run as Brian in Avenue Q at The Maverick Theater. There are four more performances:

For tickets dial (714) 526-7070 or visit the Online Box Office.

It has been a lot of fun doing a musical again and getting to play with a very talented cast. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a real musical. The last thing I sang in was the Christmas show last year, but those were holiday standards. It’s easy to forget that Broadway musicals actually have some very complicated harmonies! Nothing makes you realize how out of shape your voice is then pushing out tenor notes you haven’t had to reach since you were in your twenties. I don’t know if I’ll be hired for any national tours any time soon, but it’s been great getting back into swing of things.

While we were rehearsing we shot a series of promo videos to help advertise, I’m sure you’ve seen the one of me if you follow my Twitter feed or are a friend/fan on Facebook. In case you haven’t, here are all of the promos in one spot!

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Getting to Know: Rene’s World


My wife is a pretty wonderful woman. She’s intelligent, witty, well read, wonderful with animals and children, a great actress, and she happens to be a pretty good writer as well!

I’ve been bugging her to blog more, and she’s been making an effort, but I find that nothing motivates me more than when I have a whole bunch of people reading the site and hoping for something new. So today I’m promoting her blog, it’s called:

Rene’s World

In it she talks about all the things that are important to her and you might even find it a bit inspiring.

Give it a look and don’t be afraid to hit the deep archives, there are some pretty cool pictures there.

See you soon!


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Bloody Mary – Fun Size Horror Revisited


They are finally able to be released publicly! The shorts we made for Fun Size Horror are now available for public view.

“Bloody Mary” was a fun bit of filmmaking made under surprise conditions. Originally we had a different crew, location and equipment – but then there was some bad luck behind the scenes. Thanks to some help from Fun Size founder Zeke Pinheiro we were able to shoot and get this in on time.

Give it a look and then watch it a bunch more and tell a friend. More next week!

See you next time!

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January 7, 2015 · 9:00 am

Fun Size Horror Day 3 – Double Feature Wednesday! Home & Bloody Mary

BM 8Home 3

So much happening today at Fun Size Horror! Today is the big day for Rene and I since the short I wrote and directed, Bloody Mary, is up and the short she stars in, Home, is up as well. Wednesday is Double Feature day, so all of the hosting sites are showing two shorts. We are friends with just about everyone involved int todays posts so I hope you’ll check them all out…

But especially Home and Bloody Mary!

Home is the tale of a crumbling marriage and a fight that leads to the worst kind of homecoming.

Bloody Mary is a bit more personal. When my sister and I were kids I used to get a great deal of joy out of scaring her which, as I’m sure you can imagine, neither she or my parents were all that fond of. The worst thing I ever did was convince her that Bloody Mary lived in our bathroom mirror. This is that story.

Hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you think.

See you soon!

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So, all excitement aside, today really is Cyber Monday and, thanks to our affiliation with, below are some of the best deals available on the internet. You can click on the banners below or use the search field in the right navigation bar and find what you need for everyone on your list!
Happy shopping!

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New Course Schedule at Studio 105!

Starting in 2014 there will be new options to help build your career or introduce you to your inner actor. Our new All-Ages Beginner Class will now be availabe on Mondays from 6-8pm taught by Curtis Andersen. This class will focus on all the acting basics utilizing our tried and tested three-prong system focusing on improvisation, scene study and audition techniques; great for someone just starting out. You’ll learn in a comfortable environment with others at your level so there’s no risk of feeling out of place or embarrassed.
Also we will be introducing our new seminar program. At the end of each quarter we will present a seminar designed to help further your career, whether it be in the entertainment industry or not! In March and October we’ll present Entertainment 101, 30 years of experience packed into 2 hours helping to get you started in the wild world of entertainment, and in June and December we’ll present Think Fast, using improvisation to enhance your performance. Think Fast is good for actors and non-actors alike and a great way to help build your confidence. Seats are available for just $50!
So to break it down:
  • Monday – All-ages Beginner’s class with Curtis Andersen 6-8pm
  • Tuesday – Beginning Level Acting with Steven Nelson 7-9pm
  • Wednesday – Advanced Technique with Curtis Andersen 7-9pm
  • Thursday – Advanced Technique with Steven Nelson 7-9pm
  • End of March – Entertainment 101 with Curtis Andersen Time TBA
  • End of June – Think Fast: Using Improv to Improve Your Performance Time TBA
  • End of October – Entertainment 101 with Curtis Andersen Time TBA
  • End of December – Think Fast: Using Improv to Improve Your Performance Time TBA
It’s going to be an exciting year!
We look forward to seeing you!

For more info go to STUDIO

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Fun Video Friday – Revisiting the Commercial Archives: Hyundai

Seeing all the old episodes of Sabrina has gotten me nostalgic about some of the stuff I used to do in the 90’s. Lot’s of the commercials I did aren’t available on the internet, which stinks because some of them were hysterical (I was killed by a blow dart in a Coke Zero commercial) but one of them has survived!

A buddy of mine works with a high school marching band that performs on TV shows and commercials and they needed a comedy drum major to lead them.

I was that man.

Here are the full minute and thirty seconds version of that commercial:

See you next time!

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