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Squirrel – Coming Soon!

I did this movie last year. We shot at Aldworth Manor in late September and October. It was a gorgeous location and such a great time with a great team. I’m very grateful to have had this experience and I’m REALLY excited for you all to see it!

Follow these accounts for more details:

HCT.Media Squirrel Movie Instagram

Of course there’s still my Twitter, Instagram and Fanpage which will also have details as they become available – so follow those today!

Shameless plug:

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And of course I’ll be posting updates here as they happen.

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Wreck-It Ralph in 60 seconds

This is SO cool!

I think I’m going to have to go check out all of the 60 second versions in the Virgin Radio Fake Movie Festival! Between this and the Evil Dead Remake I’m completely sold!

See you next time!

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Evil Dead Remake… No, not that one.

This one!

I found it on IO9 and these guys did a really great job capturing the feel of the Sam Raimi classic!

You can see more 60 second remakes and vote for your favorites at the Fake Movie Festival.

See you next time!

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