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New Movie Trailer – East of Jesus

Last summer Rene and I shot a movie called East of Jesus.

It comes out this spring! Here’s the first trailer:

Like it, share it, enjoy.

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Doctor Who!!!

Those of you who read my profile pages on different social networking sites will know that I love me some Doctor Who! this is kind of a messy year for the Who mythology with one of it’s greatest Doctors (David Tennant) leaving and being replaced by a much younger actor (Matt Smith). Instead of a normal season this year they are doing five special episodes spread out over the year.

They have already released the first one: Planet of the Dead!

Here’s a trailer:

Aside from Tom Baker, David Tennant has been my favorite Doctor. He plays the role with such child-like enthusiasm one minute and then can turn on a dime the next and be brooding, sharp and terrifying. The rumor mill has run rampant with who is coming back this season, what the stories will revolve around and which classic enemies will make their return. If the last few years have proven anything, though, it’s that the rumor mill is usually full of it and for every fact that actually makes it out of the BBC production offices there are thirty “red herrings” mucking up the water. We’ll see what eventually makes it to the screen.

Speaking of seeing, I need to get over to Tortuga now and see about getting this episode…

See you tomorrow!


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New Movie Trailer

Now you’d think that I would be posting any number of new Iron Man 2 details or news items.

I’m not.

While my fandom for ol’ shellhead knows no bounds, my free time does and tonight I just don’t have any, however I do have the new Sherlock Holmes trailer and Robert Downey, Jr. is in that so it’s kind of like I’m reporting on Iron Man even though I’m not.

It looks like an interesting take on the detective. Guy Richie has added his trademark “grittiness” to this character and, even though it’s a departure from what you might expect, it looks like a fun movie.

Enjoy! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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