New Course Schedule at Studio 105!

Starting in 2014 there will be new options to help build your career or introduce you to your inner actor. Our new All-Ages Beginner Class will now be availabe on Mondays from 6-8pm taught by Curtis Andersen. This class will focus on all the acting basics utilizing our tried and tested three-prong system focusing on improvisation, scene study and audition techniques; great for someone just starting out. You’ll learn in a comfortable environment with others at your level so there’s no risk of feeling out of place or embarrassed.
Also we will be introducing our new seminar program. At the end of each quarter we will present a seminar designed to help further your career, whether it be in the entertainment industry or not! In March and October we’ll present Entertainment 101, 30 years of experience packed into 2 hours helping to get you started in the wild world of entertainment, and in June and December we’ll present Think Fast, using improvisation to enhance your performance. Think Fast is good for actors and non-actors alike and a great way to help build your confidence. Seats are available for just $50!
So to break it down:
  • Monday – All-ages Beginner’s class with Curtis Andersen 6-8pm
  • Tuesday – Beginning Level Acting with Steven Nelson 7-9pm
  • Wednesday – Advanced Technique with Curtis Andersen 7-9pm
  • Thursday – Advanced Technique with Steven Nelson 7-9pm
  • End of March – Entertainment 101 with Curtis Andersen Time TBA
  • End of June – Think Fast: Using Improv to Improve Your Performance Time TBA
  • End of October – Entertainment 101 with Curtis Andersen Time TBA
  • End of December – Think Fast: Using Improv to Improve Your Performance Time TBA
It’s going to be an exciting year!
We look forward to seeing you!

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