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Entertainment 101 on August 2nd

entertainment 101 Logo Studio 105


The Entertainment 101 Seminar coming to Studio 105 on Sunday August 2nd from 2pm-4pm.

Lead by instructor Curtis Andersen (that’s me), this seminar covers all the how-to’s of getting started in the entertainment industry. It’s 30 years of information crammed into 2 hours!
Perfect for the new actor and parents of child actors, we cover:
  • On-Set expectations & responsibilities.
  • Common vocabulary.
  • People and positions to know on set.
  • The audition process.
  • And for parents – requirements & laws for young actors!
This is one of our most popular seminars – Call or email the studio to reserve your spot!
$50 for current students $75 for the public


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Video Update 1 – Seminars, Classes, & Websites

Startup Post Art

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February 3, 2015 · 10:46 pm

New Course Schedule at Studio 105!

Starting in 2014 there will be new options to help build your career or introduce you to your inner actor. Our new All-Ages Beginner Class will now be availabe on Mondays from 6-8pm taught by Curtis Andersen. This class will focus on all the acting basics utilizing our tried and tested three-prong system focusing on improvisation, scene study and audition techniques; great for someone just starting out. You’ll learn in a comfortable environment with others at your level so there’s no risk of feeling out of place or embarrassed.
Also we will be introducing our new seminar program. At the end of each quarter we will present a seminar designed to help further your career, whether it be in the entertainment industry or not! In March and October we’ll present Entertainment 101, 30 years of experience packed into 2 hours helping to get you started in the wild world of entertainment, and in June and December we’ll present Think Fast, using improvisation to enhance your performance. Think Fast is good for actors and non-actors alike and a great way to help build your confidence. Seats are available for just $50!
So to break it down:
  • Monday – All-ages Beginner’s class with Curtis Andersen 6-8pm
  • Tuesday – Beginning Level Acting with Steven Nelson 7-9pm
  • Wednesday – Advanced Technique with Curtis Andersen 7-9pm
  • Thursday – Advanced Technique with Steven Nelson 7-9pm
  • End of March – Entertainment 101 with Curtis Andersen Time TBA
  • End of June – Think Fast: Using Improv to Improve Your Performance Time TBA
  • End of October – Entertainment 101 with Curtis Andersen Time TBA
  • End of December – Think Fast: Using Improv to Improve Your Performance Time TBA
It’s going to be an exciting year!
We look forward to seeing you!

For more info go to STUDIO

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Imagination Machine Camp at Studio 105


For all my friends and parents who want their kids to try the arts, but aren’t sure that Hollywood is quite their thing, here’s a great opportunity to try creative writing AND performing! Studio 105 will be hosting the Imagination Machine Writing Camp this summer. Check out the video:

Call Studio 105 for more details: 562-283-3100

See you next time!

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First Week of Improv Month at Studio 105!

Check out this reel of some of the work that we’re doing over at Studio 105. This is a reel of some of the exercises we did for the first week of improv month.

Big thanks to the students who let us show their work!

Vistit here to learn more: Studio 105 in Long Beach.

See you next time!

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On-Camera Class Starts April 3rd!

In case you haven’t heard, my on-camera acting class at Studio 105 begins this April on Wednesday the 3rd.

I’m very excited about this class. For a long time now (about a decade) I’ve been working with actors young and old to build up their skills and help get them started. Steven’s studio gives me the opportunity to explore that with a whole new group of people. We’ve done some really good work in the studio already and students are already booking work – that’s always my favorite part.

For April we’ll be focusing on improvisation and getting comfortable on the camera. This is a great way to start whether you’re fresh off the bus or a seasoned pro. You’ll get to know your group, make some new friends and on day one do some on-camera work. The nice thing about this month of study is that it isn’t just for actors. The skills we’ll be building are good for students, real estate professionals, sales people and just about anyone who has to deal with the public.

Also, the blog deal is still in effect until the first class! Say “super blog” when you sign up to get your first month for only $175 (normally $250)!

There are still some slots available so check out Studio 105 and secure your spot today!

See you next time.

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Studio 105 Commercial!

Steven from Studio 105 and I put together a quick commercial about the studio, and here it is:

We have on-camera acting classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7-9pm in the Studio 105 space in downtown Long Beach. Steven teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays and I teach Wednesdays.

In fact, because my class is just starting, we’ve got a deal going on!

Normally you’re first month of class is $250 – but if you sing up for my class and give the code “Super Blog” you’ll get 30% off! So your first month is only $175, and then each month there after is only $150!

Amazing, right?

Remember this offer is only valid for your initial sign-up for my new Wednesday night class and expires May 1, 2013. You must use the code  “super blog” when signing up.

You can go to the Studio 105 website or call this number: 323-898-3567 to sign up. Space is limited to get your spot soon.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments.

See you next time!

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Curtis Andersen at Studio 105 in Long Beach

I have been teaching people acting techniques and how to perform for about a decade. For the last six years I’ve been teaching at Kids Acting School in Lake Forest and, while I’ll still be there on the weekends for the foreseeable future, I’ll actually be teaching on camera classes at Studio 105 in Long Beach!

Studio 105 was opened last year by my friend Steven Nelson. He’s a working actor that you’ve probably seen in a few things and I know you’ve seen the commercials he’s been in. He’s also a talented screen writer and excellent instructor. Follow the upper link to see his school bio and check out his career HERE.

My classes start THIS APRIL! Wednesday April 3rd to be exact. Would you like to sign up? Well here’s how you do that!

(323) 898-3567

Follow the links for costs and times and keep an eye out for out demo spot coming to social media near you soon!
See you next time!

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