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Snow Rene – Magical Moments with Animals

Rene has a special relationship with animals. They all love her and she loves them. Here’s just a small snippet of her life:

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LIVE Discussions & Patreon – We’re doing things!

We have been hard at work on all of our new stuff and while we’re are still working on things like sketches:

And things like Rene’s music parodies:

The thing that seems to be taking off is our series of LIVE Discussions. These are weekly (Sundays at 11am Pacific Time) and recorded live on our YouTube Channel. We have a topic of discussion (usually arts or creativity related) and I assemble a panel of friends, co-workers, and contemporaries to talk about it for at least 20 mins (although lately we’ve been going longer). Once a month we do a Feature Discussion with a bigger panel. Feature Discussions last for at least an hour and I do a follow-up video of just the highlights after the fact. Below is a playlist of all the discussions so far:

Please check these out, feel free to click on any of the advertising (wink).

Rene and I have some big plans for the future, especially as we continue building our own content. We can do a lot on our own, but we could use some additional financial support to help raise the bar on our activities. Everything we’ve done thus far has been done on a shoestring where we beg, borrow and steal what we need to get a project done. This has worked pretty well, like with The Chili and Bloody Mary:

But with a little bit more money we can do a lot more!

Please consider joining our Patreon page. We’ve set-up some good starter rewards and I’m very pleased to announce that I got some of our art proofs back this morning for the merch that we will be releasing (actual release date TBD, but it’s coming!!!).

If Patreon isn’t an option, please don’t be afraid to click on the advertising links you see here and on the channel. I try to make sure that all of the ads presented are appropriate for the page and they should be set-up so that the items shown are things you, as the reader/watcher, would be interested in.

Thank you all for your support! We have seen the page jump in activity since we started – and we’re doing very well for only being about 4 weeks into this new effort! We’re really looking forward to what’s next!

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Home – A Horror Short Starring My Wife

HOME title image

You may remember that last year Rene and I were involved in the Fun Size Horror project, a series of 31 horror shorts that were released the week of Halloween. Rene and I were directly involved in the production of two of them: Bloody Marywhich featured Rene and our niece Katie, and Home which starred Rene and our friend Matt Conde. After the release embargo was over I released Bloody Mary right away – but I thought that I had lost the final file for Home!

During a massive file transfer to my backup drives I found it, and posted it on YouTube for all to see! So please watch and enjoy Home:


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Bloody Mary – Fun Size Horror Revisited


They are finally able to be released publicly! The shorts we made for Fun Size Horror are now available for public view.

“Bloody Mary” was a fun bit of filmmaking made under surprise conditions. Originally we had a different crew, location and equipment – but then there was some bad luck behind the scenes. Thanks to some help from Fun Size founder Zeke Pinheiro we were able to shoot and get this in on time.

Give it a look and then watch it a bunch more and tell a friend. More next week!

See you next time!

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January 7, 2015 · 9:00 am

Fun Video Friday! Brick Novax’s Diary

I had the pleasure of working with director Matt Piedmont on a PSA for AdCouncil this week. It was a blast! It’s a fun spot and the crew were tight and efficient. We worked so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to geek out on him about one of Rene and my favorite short films: Brick Novax’s Diary! We saw it the year it premiered at Sundance as part of a shorts program. It was in the morning and we were still groggy from the events the evening before. This short perked us up and was all we talked about for hours afterward. It even came up in conversation recently when Rene brought it up to the executive director of the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival.

So here, presented in this post, I give you Brick Novax’s Diary. Enjoy!

See you next time!


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Fun Video Friday! Steadfast Stanley – A Dog, His Boy & The Zombie Apocalypse

As a dog lover I would hope that Frankie would try as hard to find Rene and I during a zombie apocalypse. Of course, we wouldn’t leave him in the first place, but you get my point.


See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday! “Mite” in the Overlook Hotel

The events in the movie The Shining are frightening enough, but what goes on in those carpets that Danny rides his big wheel around? This short film ventures into that deep dark microverse and shows us that not all is as it seems…


See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday! – Lights Out

I know the title is Fun Video Friday, but today “fun” also means “scare the pants off of you.” Enjoy “Lights Out,” it won the 2013 BC Horror Challenge.

See you next time.

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