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Where have we been?!!?!? What have we been doing?!?!?!?

To say that I have been a poor blogger of late would be an understatement and more than deserved.

Excuses aside, here are some of the things that have been taking up my time:

  • The new Wiggy VonSchtick website
  • My Entertainment 101 class – more on that later…
  • Producing a sizzle reel for a new young adult book series.
  • The Embedded Project.
  • The Cheerleader Project.
  • A new TV pilot called “AcceptSHUNS.”
  • Oh, and some acting stuff too.
So, what’s this all mean?
First off go check out the new Wiggy Web Site! We have a whole new interface and, even though there are still some features and pages being built, this is our new home and the interactive functionality is very exciting! The Wiggy Twitter Feed will be announce new updates and features.
For those of you new to the entertainment business, especially parents of child actors out there, I am doing a seminar aimed right at you! The Entertainment 101 class covers all the material you need to know to help navigate the business of show. We cover vocabulary, what to expect from auditions, how auditions work and how to get both auditions and agents! It’s held the last Sunday of every month and our next class is going to be Sunday February 26th at 6pm being held at the IC Academy building in Lake Forest. The 2 hour class costs $100.00 and you can reserve your spot here: 949-273-8800. Also YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PARENT OF AN IC STUDENT TO ATTEND! This class is open to everyone! Here’s a video that explains a little bit more:
On the producing front we’ve been REALLY busy! We’ve been making all the stuff listed up top, and I’ll have links to all of it in later blogs.
Also, my Diet Mt. Dew commercial comes out at the end of the month. Probably next week! When I have a link I’ll pass it on.
Now I need to go scan some more documents and mail some other documents.
See you tomorrow!

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What’s kept me busy.

I said in the last post that I would mention in a separate post what I’ve been doing that has taken up all my time.

This is that post.

First off, “Earthlings Beware!” is a play that Rene and I are doing together at The Costa Mesa Playhouse. It plays Fridays through Sundays until November 20th. It is family friendly, funny and fun! It’s a send-up of 50’s Sci-Fi movies and does a great job of recreating that kitchy magic on a single stage. Rene and I made a video:

In video news Wiggy Webs has been posting regularly! Here are the videos you may have missed:

Also, movie stuff has been going forward at a hurried pace. Cheerleaders is casting and we are setting up meetings with talent. There’s also a pretty significant change coming to the film that I can’t technically announce yet, but I’ll give you a hint – there’s a reason we’ve only been referring to it by nicknames and as “Cheerleaders” for a while. There’s a new website on it’s way and some other new stuff. In the meantime go “Like” us on Facebook.

The documentary is wrapping up and with the workload growing on that it is very possible that there may be another drought of posts for a while – but I’m trying to manage that.

This may all seem like shameless self-promotion, and it kind of is, but this is truly all that I have been doing for the last few weeks.

Oh, and the cat needed surgery. Hurt his foot. Got worked on. He wears a cone now. The nightmare and hilarity that has been our cat in his cone of shame is documented better on Rene’s Twitter Feed

OK, I think that it.

See you tomorrow!

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Had A Plan, But It Didn’t Go to Plan.

Need an extra day to actually write the blog I want to write which include a fun picture of our cat Charlie sleeping in a weird way. But My day did not go as planned and this blog is being released at 11pm instead of 11 am.

It happens.

The primary concern is to get this video out:

The rest will just have to wait until tomorrow where I’ll have different pictures to share so the cat may or may not get bumped to a different day.

I know, I know.

See you tomorrow!

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Holy Crap! We totally did it!

Not only did we do it, but the phone has been ringing off the hook since the campaign finished. A nice side effect to the campaign is that the awareness of the film has gotten much higher than we thought it would.

There’s actually a great deal of work to do and by 10:42am my battery in my cell phone was almost dead.

Thanks good.

Now I need to make sure that this work gets done!

Hopefully I’ll have a video about all this stuff up later today.

Also, in case you haven’t heard it enough, thank you so much for all your support!

It’s been fantastic and it’s left us feeling loved and awed.

Anyway, this blog is probably going to feel pretty disjointed, I keep leaving it to do other things so I’m going to bail.

See you tomorrow!

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Shit Just got Real!

I don’t have much time, but the Kickstarter campaign succeeded so…
True Blood serves up a steaming pile of True Death

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The Last 24 – The Last Kickstarter Update with Video

This is it.

The last day.
The final 24.
Because of your support we have crested over $4100 mark! We are close! 
Today we need to close the gap!
If everyone who sees this donates $3, less than a cup of Starbucks or Coffee Bean, then we’re over.
If those same people post this link: and we only get 10% response from it we’re still over.
$3 and/or a post and we do it. Seriously, that’s all it takes. We did math. 
To those of you who have been pushing with us this week: Thank you so much for your support and your belief in the project – even if you’re just doing it because you personally like Zeke or Myke or myself – it makes us feel really good to know that our friends, family and fans are willing to help us out. Not everyone can say that and we are grateful beyond measure.
Also, here’s one last video because Vernon Wells was good enough to loan us his person to add to our cause.

Let’s do this!

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The Last 48

I don’t think I need to put too fine a point on it but  – THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!

The end of the Kickstarter campaign, that is.
For those of you who have backed us thus far: THANK YOU BEYOND THANKS!
For those of you who have promoted us thus far: WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!
For those of you who might still be on the fence: JOIN US OVER HERE!
The support from family, friends, and fans of indie and horror has been awe inspiring and as we get closer to the last hours we need to keep up the hard work – especially with this being a holiday weekend.
Here’s the link to post:
As I’m sure you’ve seen, Zeke, Myke and I are constantly updating as things happen, like yesterday’s addition of Vernon Wells the notable character actor who has donated time and money to the cause!
Zeke will be at the New Beverly Theater tonight for the screening of “Forbidden Zone” plugging away and I’ll be around the O.C. reminding you college kids that beer may be fun, but supporting independent horror films is way more fun!
We’re also going to try and shoot some video today to get up before we hit the LAST 24 HOURS!
Keep pluggin’ and thank you all so much!
See you tomorrow!

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Frickin’ Amazing!

Thank you is not sufficient to express the amount of gratitude that we have right now! 
Yesterday’s pledges were humbling and amazing!
We have 2 days left and we are 40% funded!
Also, we have our first takers for the “Date with Gordy”, “Make-Up Tutorial with The Wolf” and Co-Executive Producers! A thousand thank yous to you! 
The countdown on Kickstarter clock has changed from days to hours and, as you will learn from just about any book on screenwriting, nothing motivates a character like a ticking clock!
None of this – and I TRULY mean NONE of this – would be possible without your help! It has been wonderful and inspiring and most of all EFFECTIVE!
For the next two days I humbly request you keep it up! 
Here’s the link:
Please continue to post it and, if you have a spare dollar we’d appreciate the donation!
I’m going to try and get through all of the thank yous today – it is a wonderful challenge! 
Thank you again!

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There’s only 3 days left and we are 20% funded!

Here’s the Kickstarter link:

Please keep spreading it! It’s working!

Yesterday was a GREAT rally! I kept getting messages every few minutes about new backers and it was awesome! Zeke and I were actually in a meeting yesterday and my Blackberry kept blinking. It was a good reason to have to constantly check my phone!

The image above is a new poster that will be at The New Beverly Theater this Saturday night for the midnight screening of Forbidden Zone that Zeke will be attending. It’s a fun movie that features the first appearance of Oingo Boingo when they were still The Mystical Knights of the Oingo Boingo. That’s some trivia for ya’.

Zeke will be there pushing the campaign with post cards and pleas. Go have some fun!

Gotta’ run, but keep up the good work!

See you tomorrow!

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There’s Only 4 Days Left! GAH!

The updates continue – 4 Days and 20% funded.

The link:

This morning has been an hour and a half uploading video to YouTube – it was more daunting than usual. But the nice thing is the WiggyWebs schedule is back on track! Go check it out and comment and “thumbs up” and share and make it go viral so I can make a butt load of money and just make videos starring Rene for a living.


Now I’ve got to run up to L.A., meet with some people, do some things.

More later! KICKSTARTER!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!

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