Frickin’ Amazing!

Thank you is not sufficient to express the amount of gratitude that we have right now! 
Yesterday’s pledges were humbling and amazing!
We have 2 days left and we are 40% funded!
Also, we have our first takers for the “Date with Gordy”, “Make-Up Tutorial with The Wolf” and Co-Executive Producers! A thousand thank yous to you! 
The countdown on Kickstarter clock has changed from days to hours and, as you will learn from just about any book on screenwriting, nothing motivates a character like a ticking clock!
None of this – and I TRULY mean NONE of this – would be possible without your help! It has been wonderful and inspiring and most of all EFFECTIVE!
For the next two days I humbly request you keep it up! 
Here’s the link:
Please continue to post it and, if you have a spare dollar we’d appreciate the donation!
I’m going to try and get through all of the thank yous today – it is a wonderful challenge! 
Thank you again!

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