The Last 48

I don’t think I need to put too fine a point on it but  – THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!

The end of the Kickstarter campaign, that is.
For those of you who have backed us thus far: THANK YOU BEYOND THANKS!
For those of you who have promoted us thus far: WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!
For those of you who might still be on the fence: JOIN US OVER HERE!
The support from family, friends, and fans of indie and horror has been awe inspiring and as we get closer to the last hours we need to keep up the hard work – especially with this being a holiday weekend.
Here’s the link to post:
As I’m sure you’ve seen, Zeke, Myke and I are constantly updating as things happen, like yesterday’s addition of Vernon Wells the notable character actor who has donated time and money to the cause!
Zeke will be at the New Beverly Theater tonight for the screening of “Forbidden Zone” plugging away and I’ll be around the O.C. reminding you college kids that beer may be fun, but supporting independent horror films is way more fun!
We’re also going to try and shoot some video today to get up before we hit the LAST 24 HOURS!
Keep pluggin’ and thank you all so much!
See you tomorrow!

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