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The Chili Returns

Way back in 2013 when I was still producing I tried to do a number of shorts/sketches in between projects. I really only did one, but it was a good one! Alexander Rossiter (who is recently engaged – Congratulations!) wrote this and it was directed & shot by Zeke Pinheiro. Please enjoy The Chili:

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Fun Video Friday! The Chili

Fun Video Friday Update

Another fun one from the Wiggy Webs archives. This was supposed to be the first in a series of sketches, but the challenge of scheduling between writers, actors, crew and Rene  &  I was too difficult to maintain any kind of a real production schedule. However I do like this first one. I think it turned out very well.

Word of warning: There is adult language in this video so maybe not so much for the kids probably NSFW if you work at a very uptight place.

Let me know what you think. Should we do more of these?

See you next time.

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January 30, 2015 · 8:00 am

Revisiting Wiggy Webs and Dog Rescue

Wiggy Logo NO Sub Heading

Rene and I are doing a lot of re-branding and building of our web presence since our commitment to take control of our careers this year. This happens to coincide with the end of any contracts that existed with my old production company, Wiggy VonSchtick Productions. The only thing that came out of that dissolution in any way intact was the YouTube channel Wiggy Webs where we auditioned some web content.

The most popular videos were a series called Make-up with the Wolf where award winning make-up and F/X artist Myke “The Wolf” Michaels demonstrated how to do Hollywood level make-up effects on a budget. I’m proud to say that the most popular video is of Rene getting transformed into a Buffy style vampire.

But as I was looking back at the video manager I found a video that I had almost forgotten about and thought was worth featuring today. It was for a group that was trying to rehome over 80 dogs because the rescue that had been their home was being shut down. A group of photographers, including Lori Fusaro, and dog clothing manufacturers got together to take good, happy adoption photos that helped get all of these animals new homes, most at a rescue in a different state.

Watching this again, I remember being at the rescue site and how all the dogs could tell that something was going on, even before all the photoshoot started. Some were nervous, but many were so happy to have as much human interaction as they got that day. With the number of unwanted animals in the United States, rescues and shelters serve as savior to many animals that would otherwise die. If you would like more information about how to help or adopt animals check HERE.

Even though Wiggy VonSchtick is shut down, Wiggy Webs is going to stay up as long as people keep watching it. And if we make the odd nickel every few months from Google AdSense that’s ok too.

Now back to the new stuff!

See you next time.

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January 21, 2015 · 8:41 am

Fun Video Friday! – From the Vaults: 3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean “The Holidays”

I wanted to post something Doctor Who related today, but all the videos I wanted to post were not available to embed, so I dipped into the WiggyWebs vault to find something holiday related and I found this – Dean and I talking about the holidays with just enough information to get our feet stuck in our mouths.

Still, what’s the internet for if not to talk about ideas and then see if people get upset? So I hope you enjoy this and if not feel free to eviscerate us in the comments.

See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday – The Chili

Yesterday Wiggy Webs released our first sketch – “The Chili!” It is the first of many planned new items for the Wiggy Webs channel.

Starring its writer, Alexander Rossiter, and myself and directed by Zeke Pinheiro this is the exploration of two men trying to discover whether or not they love chili.

Watch, “Like,” and subscribe, like you do for YouTube stuff,and feel free to comment.

See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday – The State of Stuff for June 2013

For Fun Video Friday this week we have the new June State of Stuff.

For those of you who would like to see the links, they are below:

See you next time!

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No Excuses, Only Results

Rene and I did some shooting this week for a new project. It’s a travel show that has been sitting in the back of my head for a while now. We haven’t really done anything with it, frankly, because we haven’t been able to afford to. No mystery challenges, no equipment problems, just cost. For a while I thought that’d we’d sell the idea to the Travel Channel and maybe be able to host it.

Well the Travel Channel didn’t buy it and so we decided it was time to do it ourselves.

And that’s really what I wanted to get to in today’s post, waiting for permission.

One of the things that I preach is “finding a way.” “No excuses, just results.” My students hear it and more than one of my friends in the pit of their despair has heard me say it. Rene, my poor suffering wife, has heard it often enough that she knows when it’s coming. But as often as I say it, it’s something I don’t always do myself. When it comes to the entertainment industry it’s easy to look for “the way” to do things. Following steps. For example: If I want to make a TV show then I should 1) put together a pitch 2) build a package of materials 3) put together a sizzle reel and 4) present to the appropriate company to get the budget and crew to make the show. These are simplified steps, but you see what I’m talking about, right? Also, that way is REALLY hard! Super hard! Unless you are Mark Burnett or Chuck Lorre there’s no guarantee that you’re getting anything even to pilot. So what do you do?

Conventional wisdom would suggest getting a job at a production company or waiting until you are a celebrity and then hoping for a development deal. These options aren’t much better than the first. So this year I’m not asking permission any more.

We’ve had a lot of projects that have been sitting idle just waiting for someone to say yes. “All we need is one!” has been a popular mantra, but that “one” hasn’t come yet. It might not ever. Waiting is not a position of power and it doesn’t help get anything done.

If I were talking to me I’d tell myself that waiting for money is just an excuse and nobody wants excuses, they only want results. So that’s what we’re going to do now, generate results. With the help and support of my wife and our friends we have started a series of projects that will be released come hell or high water. Whether it be on the WiggyWebs YouTube channel or some network does magically come along and sweep something up remains to be seen, but we’re doing them and that’s that.

Financing schminancing – production levels will be at whatever we can beg, barrow or steal. Thankfully we have some very talented friends with some very nice toys. And in the end, if what we do is really good and lots of people watch it, the projects will start paying for themselves and then we just need to keep cranking stuff out (fingers crossed).

I know this isn’t a new idea, hell there’s a whole community over at YouTube of people who got this way before I did, but I’ve finally gotten on the train. And maybe by talking about it you can get on the train too.

Besides, Rene and I had a hell of a lot of fun shooting this weekend and that in and of itself was worth it.

See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday – 3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean Doctor Who Edition

Since a new Doctor is coming to Doctor Who I thought it might be a good idea to go back into the archives and pull out one of the most popular episodes of 3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean, our Doctor Who episodes. We shot this at the beginning of Matt Smith’s term as the Doctor and now it’s hard to remember a time before he played the character.

I’m really looking forward to the 50th anniversary show and who the new Doctor will be!

My buddy AJ has started campaigning for the role, he has a Facebook page about it.

Let me know who’d you like to see as the new Doctor in the comments! Oh and for those of you who may want to grab the Matt Smith years here are some links to Amazon:

See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday – Rene is a Vampire!

Here’s a fun video of Rene being transformed into a Buffy style vampire! It’s from a series we did called “Make-Up with The Wolf” that was released a couple years ago in association with our Kickstarter campaign for “The Pom Pom Massacre” and a show we had sold to Syfy. These videos were made with the amateur in mind, so everything is easily accessible and, with some patience, should be easy to do!

And here she is trying to eat our cat:

And then with a vampire snaggle tooth:

Have a great weekend.

See you next time!

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The State of Stuff?!? Wiggy Webs is coming back!

Wiggy Webs is on the come back, and we have a brief State of Stuff to talk about it.

So check it out and then subscribe!

See you next time!

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