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Revisiting Wiggy Webs and Dog Rescue

Wiggy Logo NO Sub Heading

Rene and I are doing a lot of re-branding and building of our web presence since our commitment to take control of our careers this year. This happens to coincide with the end of any contracts that existed with my old production company, Wiggy VonSchtick Productions. The only thing that came out of that dissolution in any way intact was the YouTube channel Wiggy Webs where we auditioned some web content.

The most popular videos were a series called Make-up with the Wolf where award winning make-up and F/X artist Myke “The Wolf” Michaels demonstrated how to do Hollywood level make-up effects on a budget. I’m proud to say that the most popular video is of Rene getting transformed into a Buffy style vampire.

But as I was looking back at the video manager I found a video that I had almost forgotten about and thought was worth featuring today. It was for a group that was trying to rehome over 80 dogs because the rescue that had been their home was being shut down. A group of photographers, including Lori Fusaro, and dog clothing manufacturers got together to take good, happy adoption photos that helped get all of these animals new homes, most at a rescue in a different state.

Watching this again, I remember being at the rescue site and how all the dogs could tell that something was going on, even before all the photoshoot started. Some were nervous, but many were so happy to have as much human interaction as they got that day. With the number of unwanted animals in the United States, rescues and shelters serve as savior to many animals that would otherwise die. If you would like more information about how to help or adopt animals check HERE.

Even though Wiggy VonSchtick is shut down, Wiggy Webs is going to stay up as long as people keep watching it. And if we make the odd nickel every few months from Google AdSense that’s ok too.

Now back to the new stuff!

See you next time.

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January 21, 2015 · 8:41 am

Fun Video Friday – Rene is a Vampire!

Here’s a fun video of Rene being transformed into a Buffy style vampire! It’s from a series we did called “Make-Up with The Wolf” that was released a couple years ago in association with our Kickstarter campaign for “The Pom Pom Massacre” and a show we had sold to Syfy. These videos were made with the amateur in mind, so everything is easily accessible and, with some patience, should be easy to do!

And here she is trying to eat our cat:

And then with a vampire snaggle tooth:

Have a great weekend.

See you next time!

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What’s kept me busy.

I said in the last post that I would mention in a separate post what I’ve been doing that has taken up all my time.

This is that post.

First off, “Earthlings Beware!” is a play that Rene and I are doing together at The Costa Mesa Playhouse. It plays Fridays through Sundays until November 20th. It is family friendly, funny and fun! It’s a send-up of 50’s Sci-Fi movies and does a great job of recreating that kitchy magic on a single stage. Rene and I made a video:

In video news Wiggy Webs has been posting regularly! Here are the videos you may have missed:

Also, movie stuff has been going forward at a hurried pace. Cheerleaders is casting and we are setting up meetings with talent. There’s also a pretty significant change coming to the film that I can’t technically announce yet, but I’ll give you a hint – there’s a reason we’ve only been referring to it by nicknames and as “Cheerleaders” for a while. There’s a new website on it’s way and some other new stuff. In the meantime go “Like” us on Facebook.

The documentary is wrapping up and with the workload growing on that it is very possible that there may be another drought of posts for a while – but I’m trying to manage that.

This may all seem like shameless self-promotion, and it kind of is, but this is truly all that I have been doing for the last few weeks.

Oh, and the cat needed surgery. Hurt his foot. Got worked on. He wears a cone now. The nightmare and hilarity that has been our cat in his cone of shame is documented better on Rene’s Twitter Feed

OK, I think that it.

See you tomorrow!

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Rene Nosferatu

We were shooting new episodes of “Make-Up with The Wolf” yesterday that will play later this month. One of those episodes saw Rene turned into a horrible, terrible Buffy/Lost Boys style vampire!

This was her first experience with a full facial prosthetic and it turned out really cool!

I’ll let you know when the video is up, but for now check out some pictures of Rene as a blood sucker!

 This was prep – get the hair out of the way, prep the skin, etc.


 Even trying to look friendly, she still looked menacing.

 With Director Zeke.

 With Make-Up Artist Myke.

 Rene got in her wedding dress to do a series of Vampire Bride.

 Eating the cat!

Snaggle tooth (one of the teeth fell out).

See you tomorrow!

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Shameless Plug Monday!

New “Make-Up with The Wolf!”

After this the show is going on a little bit of a hiatus due to how busy Myke is. That’s the double edged sword of having a really talented make-up artist, you get really good tips, but someone is always hiring him!

Enjoy it and I think we’ll have more in mid/late October – just in time for Halloween!

See you tomorrow!

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