Where have we been?!!?!? What have we been doing?!?!?!?

To say that I have been a poor blogger of late would be an understatement and more than deserved.

Excuses aside, here are some of the things that have been taking up my time:

  • The new Wiggy VonSchtick website
  • My Entertainment 101 class – more on that later…
  • Producing a sizzle reel for a new young adult book series.
  • The Embedded Project.
  • The Cheerleader Project.
  • A new TV pilot called “AcceptSHUNS.”
  • Oh, and some acting stuff too.
So, what’s this all mean?
First off go check out the new Wiggy Web Site! We have a whole new interface and, even though there are still some features and pages being built, this is our new home and the interactive functionality is very exciting! The Wiggy Twitter Feed will be announce new updates and features.
For those of you new to the entertainment business, especially parents of child actors out there, I am doing a seminar aimed right at you! The Entertainment 101 class covers all the material you need to know to help navigate the business of show. We cover vocabulary, what to expect from auditions, how auditions work and how to get both auditions and agents! It’s held the last Sunday of every month and our next class is going to be Sunday February 26th at 6pm being held at the IC Academy building in Lake Forest. The 2 hour class costs $100.00 and you can reserve your spot here: 949-273-8800. Also YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PARENT OF AN IC STUDENT TO ATTEND! This class is open to everyone! Here’s a video that explains a little bit more:
On the producing front we’ve been REALLY busy! We’ve been making all the stuff listed up top, and I’ll have links to all of it in later blogs.
Also, my Diet Mt. Dew commercial comes out at the end of the month. Probably next week! When I have a link I’ll pass it on.
Now I need to go scan some more documents and mail some other documents.
See you tomorrow!

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