There’s Only 4 Days Left! GAH!

The updates continue – 4 Days and 20% funded.

The link:

This morning has been an hour and a half uploading video to YouTube – it was more daunting than usual. But the nice thing is the WiggyWebs schedule is back on track! Go check it out and comment and “thumbs up” and share and make it go viral so I can make a butt load of money and just make videos starring Rene for a living.


Now I’ve got to run up to L.A., meet with some people, do some things.

More later! KICKSTARTER!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Rene

    Awww. Thanks honey! :)I think you may still want to make othe videos and films though even if you do make a boatload of money. Come on people! Get this kickstarter campaign funded! 🙂

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