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LIVE Discussions & Patreon – We’re doing things!

We have been hard at work on all of our new stuff and while we’re are still working on things like sketches:

And things like Rene’s music parodies:

The thing that seems to be taking off is our series of LIVE Discussions. These are weekly (Sundays at 11am Pacific Time) and recorded live on our YouTube Channel. We have a topic of discussion (usually arts or creativity related) and I assemble a panel of friends, co-workers, and contemporaries to talk about it for at least 20 mins (although lately we’ve been going longer). Once a month we do a Feature Discussion with a bigger panel. Feature Discussions last for at least an hour and I do a follow-up video of just the highlights after the fact. Below is a playlist of all the discussions so far:

Please check these out, feel free to click on any of the advertising (wink).

Rene and I have some big plans for the future, especially as we continue building our own content. We can do a lot on our own, but we could use some additional financial support to help raise the bar on our activities. Everything we’ve done thus far has been done on a shoestring where we beg, borrow and steal what we need to get a project done. This has worked pretty well, like with The Chili and Bloody Mary:

But with a little bit more money we can do a lot more!

Please consider joining our Patreon page. We’ve set-up some good starter rewards and I’m very pleased to announce that I got some of our art proofs back this morning for the merch that we will be releasing (actual release date TBD, but it’s coming!!!).

If Patreon isn’t an option, please don’t be afraid to click on the advertising links you see here and on the channel. I try to make sure that all of the ads presented are appropriate for the page and they should be set-up so that the items shown are things you, as the reader/watcher, would be interested in.

Thank you all for your support! We have seen the page jump in activity since we started – and we’re doing very well for only being about 4 weeks into this new effort! We’re really looking forward to what’s next!

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New State, New Start

Rene and I have been in Portland for about 3 weeks. We are moved in (almost) completely. We have taken the time to get to know our neighborhood (at least a little), and now it is time to get to the work that we (partially) made this move to do.

Ever since we got here my brain has been blasting like a fire hose. With fewer day-jobs I have actually had time to do a lot of things namely sleep, go to the gym, read, and cook – you know, like a normal human person. I’ve also started planning to do all the things I’ve wanted to do for months (years in some cases) but didn’t have the time or energy to complete. Working on this blog is one of those things.

When I first started it, this was a public place to talk about things. It was a real-time incubator of ideas and updates for anyone who may have cared enough to stop by. I think that it will probably do best to keep it that way, but I’d like to structure it a bit more. I’m not sure how yet, lots of ideas – not a whole lot of focus just yet – but that’s what I want to do.

On the acting front Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen is obviously changing. Not only has the original target been met, but by moving to Portland that definitely affects what type of work is available. That will be an adventure all on it’s own.

I’m also going to keep doing the Acting 101 posts, especially as I learn to navigate the new market here in the Pacific Northwest.


Then there’s the geek front: I have had time to indulge in my hobbies again and since my D&D group is back in California and we haven’t decided on a remote way to play yet, my energies have been focused on Games Workshop games and the new Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition. Woo! It looks cool! I’m thinking of doing a series of articles/posts about my rebuilding of armies and painting progress. Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know in the comments.

Project: Iron Man is on hold. I left my comic books in California for the time being until we move to a more permanent home. I know they are popular so as soon as it is possible I’ll start that up again.

Then there are the possibilities of doing some lifestyle posts. Portland is a great city with more than a few places to visit. Rene and I have always wanted to do travel shows, maybe now is the time. People have responded really well to what we’ve posted about our move so far, maybe it’s time to expand on that.

And of course we’ll be making more videos! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of those.

What do you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments!

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Christmas Eve… Oh, wait it’s already Christmas!

I’m sitting in our living room watching The History Channel learning about the gospel of Judas.  I’ve already seen most of it, but I’m not tired and can’t sleep.  I wish I could say that I was all jazzed for Christmas morning and that was why I can’t sleep but I feel like I’m too old for that and really my mind is just full of mud, and I feel inspired to write. 

I bought myself a Moleskine journal, the same kind that I got my groomsmen.  They’re supposed to be the same kind of journal that Hemingway used and I like Hemingway and I wanted a fun new book so I got one.  When I was a teenager I used to keep journals all the time.  When I look back at them they are basically diaries with all the embarrassing emotional ramblings that you’d expect to see coming out of a upper-middle class teen, but I never thought of them as diaries I always called them “blank books” and usually  bought new ones when I found one with what I thought was a cool cover.  The first one was bound in burlap and is still my favorite. 

This Moleskine journal is pretty neat.  It’s small, pocket sized, and comes with an elastic strap to hold the book closed.  There’s a ribbon book mark to hold your place and an expanding pocket in the back to hold things that are just a bit bigger than a business card.  The inner cover has a spot to write your address so that it can be returned if lost and, in a wonderfully pretentious turn, a line that says, “Reward if returned: $______”.  I don’t think I’m going to fill in that last line.  All the pomp and circumstance makes it feel like whatever I write in there should be important like notes for a travel journal or government secrets and so I find myself dying to jot in it but not sure what it should be.  Whatever it is I’m confident that I’ll avoid the emotional ramblings of a thirty-something.

Next week starts the editing process for the new sets pf shows that will be featured on Wiggy Webs.  I’ll be posting on the Wiggy Blog and Twitter as those new shows go up – I’m very excited!!

I’m yawning now so I’m going to go to sleep.

Merry Christmas to all!

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 8-31-2010 Razor Burn.

*NOTE: I know these are SUPER late!  Rene & I moved & it took forever for us to get internet up & running.  So between here and 9-13-2010 these entries are going to be brief.*

It is a little known fact that my skin is pretty sensitive – especially when I shave.  It’ the major reason why I do my best to only shave once a week and probably connected to the very reason I can have only once a week and not look like a mountain man – I grow facial hair like a 4 year old.  So I used a less than fresh razor and my face looked like this after:

Here’s hoping it heals quick.

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 7-26-2010 Where productivity meets stagnation?

Today was a very productive day.  We figured out details for the wedding venue, I was able to construct the “to do” list for this week, Rene and I were pointed to a way to save $695 on our wedding, I was able to find some new funding options for CMD!, I did laundry and I was even able to squeeze in a workout!  Sounds like a good day, right?  Yet I’m sitting here looking at the “to do” list and it is remarkably not checked!  I went from feeling accomplished to feeling like I didn’t do enough!

That’s the funny thing about me and lists.  When I make them it is usually to remind me to do things or buy things and when I do it’s because I know I have a limited time to finish it.  It also usually means that there are other things that are getting done taking the place of what is on the list.  I think I was a victim of “working off list” today. 

Oh, totally forgot, I also went grocery shopping:

Don’t mind the wine.  I’m house sitting for my parents.  These things may have been off list, but they were definitely important and the fact that I’ll have underwear tomorrow is all the proof I need that the day wasn’t wasted.

See you tomorrow! 

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