Christmas Eve… Oh, wait it’s already Christmas!

I’m sitting in our living room watching The History Channel learning about the gospel of Judas.  I’ve already seen most of it, but I’m not tired and can’t sleep.  I wish I could say that I was all jazzed for Christmas morning and that was why I can’t sleep but I feel like I’m too old for that and really my mind is just full of mud, and I feel inspired to write. 

I bought myself a Moleskine journal, the same kind that I got my groomsmen.  They’re supposed to be the same kind of journal that Hemingway used and I like Hemingway and I wanted a fun new book so I got one.  When I was a teenager I used to keep journals all the time.  When I look back at them they are basically diaries with all the embarrassing emotional ramblings that you’d expect to see coming out of a upper-middle class teen, but I never thought of them as diaries I always called them “blank books” and usually  bought new ones when I found one with what I thought was a cool cover.  The first one was bound in burlap and is still my favorite. 

This Moleskine journal is pretty neat.  It’s small, pocket sized, and comes with an elastic strap to hold the book closed.  There’s a ribbon book mark to hold your place and an expanding pocket in the back to hold things that are just a bit bigger than a business card.  The inner cover has a spot to write your address so that it can be returned if lost and, in a wonderfully pretentious turn, a line that says, “Reward if returned: $______”.  I don’t think I’m going to fill in that last line.  All the pomp and circumstance makes it feel like whatever I write in there should be important like notes for a travel journal or government secrets and so I find myself dying to jot in it but not sure what it should be.  Whatever it is I’m confident that I’ll avoid the emotional ramblings of a thirty-something.

Next week starts the editing process for the new sets pf shows that will be featured on Wiggy Webs.  I’ll be posting on the Wiggy Blog and Twitter as those new shows go up – I’m very excited!!

I’m yawning now so I’m going to go to sleep.

Merry Christmas to all!

See you tomorrow!

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