Project 365 7-26-2010 Where productivity meets stagnation?

Today was a very productive day.  We figured out details for the wedding venue, I was able to construct the “to do” list for this week, Rene and I were pointed to a way to save $695 on our wedding, I was able to find some new funding options for CMD!, I did laundry and I was even able to squeeze in a workout!  Sounds like a good day, right?  Yet I’m sitting here looking at the “to do” list and it is remarkably not checked!  I went from feeling accomplished to feeling like I didn’t do enough!

That’s the funny thing about me and lists.  When I make them it is usually to remind me to do things or buy things and when I do it’s because I know I have a limited time to finish it.  It also usually means that there are other things that are getting done taking the place of what is on the list.  I think I was a victim of “working off list” today. 

Oh, totally forgot, I also went grocery shopping:

Don’t mind the wine.  I’m house sitting for my parents.  These things may have been off list, but they were definitely important and the fact that I’ll have underwear tomorrow is all the proof I need that the day wasn’t wasted.

See you tomorrow! 

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