I got my first #PSL of the season!

Yesterday Starbucks released the Pumpkin Spice Latte from the vault for the 15th time allowing all of us #BasicWhitePeople to go #FullyBasic. 

I was just missing my Ugg boots.

I did a video on this over at my Facebook Fan Page

I needed the caffeine and sugar hit. Having a puppy, even a well behaved puppy like Arlo, still requires a lot of work. Thankfully he is sleeping through the night, but that doesn’t stop Rene and I from waking up every time he moves. But he got a clean bill of health from his vet yesterday so, in general, we are very happy puppy parents!

Starbucks is not sponsoring this post, but feel free to join me in celebrating the return of the #PSL by sharing pictures of you and your own #PSL in the comments or on the fan page.

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