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Frankie the Wonder Dog’s Declining Health

Our little man isn’t doing too well. All of his health issues are starting to catch up to him and are really taking a toll on his little body. Rene and I have been doing all we can to make sure that he is comfortable and happy, but as much as we try nature is starting to beat his medicines.

Last night Rene took Frankie to the vet and we got some distressing news – his body is holding fluid and there is a mass in his chest that right now cannot be identified through the fluid.

It was a devastating visit both emotionally and financially.

We have always half joked that as long as we have credit, Frankie will be cared for. Unfortunately we have now reached a point where Frankie’s medical bills have tapped us out.

Frankie is such a good boy. He’s a breed ambassador and makes friends everywhere he goes, not just for himself but us as well. Normally Rene and I like to only show images that show a happy and healthy Frankie, like these:

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But lately he’s really looked more like this:

We have really great vets who are doing their best to care for him, but he has so many ailments that it’s tough nailing down what’s doing the most harm to him at any given time.

It’s really tough to be a Frankie dog right now.

We started a donations page for Frankie back in March when his first major cardiac event and that was a major help. He is alive today because of the kindness of those donors and we have had to reactivate it because of the extraordinary expenses related to his care over the last couple of weeks. Please visit his page at the link below. Any help you can provide goes directly to paying for Frankie’s medication and vet visits. We know after this last visit that there are more trips to the vet coming and likely more medications as well.

Frankie’s Fund

Rene and I do not like asking for help. We took on the responsibility of a dog knowing that it meant that we were supposed to care for him and we do our best to make sure that he is paid for, but there have just been too many bills coming too fast and we don’t want our dog to die of something preventable just because we couldn’t pay for it this week.

Thank you so much for checking it out and donating if you can. Words cannot express how much Rene, myself and especially Frankie appreciate it.

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Project 365 8-31-2010 Razor Burn.

*NOTE: I know these are SUPER late!  Rene & I moved & it took forever for us to get internet up & running.  So between here and 9-13-2010 these entries are going to be brief.*

It is a little known fact that my skin is pretty sensitive – especially when I shave.  It’ the major reason why I do my best to only shave once a week and probably connected to the very reason I can have only once a week and not look like a mountain man – I grow facial hair like a 4 year old.  So I used a less than fresh razor and my face looked like this after:

Here’s hoping it heals quick.

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 6-15-2010 Oh Tuesday, why did you give me a headache?

It was a very full day today and I chose to spend a lot of it in office at school since I all of my appointments yesterday were in South O.C.  I forgot how awful florescent light is.  There are times when I really enjoy having/using an office space but you forget about the downside of office work – no matter how nice it is, it’s still an office and the lights can be lethal.  The dull throb in my skull was epic in it’s minor-ness and that made it even more annoying.

Even still it was a good day for business.  Today’s picture are the tools I used the most:

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 1-9-2010 The Dreaded Pink Eye

I woke up this morning with crust in my eye.  Crust in your eye is gross. 

For the last few days it’s been very dry here in my neck of the words.  My nose has been stuffed and my eyes have been dry.  Normally I take care of this by drinking outrageous amounts of water, but I haven’t been as diligent as usual.  In an effort to discourage this dry feeling I stopped taking the Claritin I usually take for my allergies.  I’ve been sneezing a bit more, but that’s a small price to pay to keep from being dried out.  Yesterday my eyes were REALLY dry.  I did the best I could to drink a lot of water, but it didn’t work – I just didn’t have access to a lot of water where I was at.  “Besides,” I thought to myself, “I’ll be home soon and Rene has eye drops that could lubricate a steam engine.”  I headed back home, blinking a lot to try and keep my eyes moist.  Once through the door I immediately doused my eyes, first with saline tears then with astringent anti-allergy drops.  Finally my eyes felt normal again!  It felt a bit like there was an eyelash in my right one, but that didn’t surprise me – they’d spent the whole day dry!  Just to be sure I had Rene look and see if she could see anything.  She didn’t see any foreign objects, but immediately quizzed me with a series of questions related to the level of irritation associated with my eye.

See Rene has had pink eye before.  Her nieces have had it.  She’s seen pink eye.  She knows pink eye.  She hates pink eye.  Her questions did not match my symptoms and with the exception of some swelling around my eyes, swelling that is completely in line with my allergies, I showed no signs.

Then I woke up this morning.  As I rolled over from my stomach I asked Rene how my eye looked.  I could feel that there was crust in the corner, but my eye was far from sealed shut. 

She made a face and a noise, “Ewwwwwwwwww.”

That didn’t sound good.

I sat up, used a Kleenex to wipe the crust away taking note of it’s color and texture (light yellow, almost clear and thin and crumbly) and then figured I had pink eye.  Rene was pretty sure I had pink eye.  My eye’s were definitely pink.  The picture above was taken right after I wiped my eye.  It’s pretty much looked the same the rest of the day.

Being an actor/producer is great.  The job is creative, you can set your own hours and it presents opportunities to do really fabulous things while getting paid for it(when you get paid for it) .  The only problem is, it’s a tough gig to maintain.  The acting unions offer insurance coverage, but there is an ever rising minimum base earning that you must make on top of a quarterly payment of between $100 or $200 depending on your plan.  If you can’t maintain either of these you can’t participate in the plan.  Personal insurance for me costs around $140/month for a decent plan.  I don’t really have the spare income to spend on that.  I don’t get sick very often and I don’t do anything that puts me in real or present danger.  Most of the time I’m very healthy and when I do get sick it usually only takes some NyQuil and a couple days before I’m back up to snuff.  On the rare occasion that NyQuil won’t do it I am in a bit of bind.

Enter CVS Minute Clinics.

I found out about these from Rene and on the internet today.  In select CVS Pharmacies are small clinics staffed with RN’s and physician assistants who can diagnose and treat basic ailments, including pink eye!  I visited a branch close to my parent’s house, only had to wait about 30 minutes (there were four people ahead of me) and got out with a diagnosis and my meds for $99.  That’s pretty good.

The Minute Clinics aren’t a fix all, they’re mostly for preventative medicine and small, easily treated things – see the web site for full details – but for the easy stuff, the stuff you can usually diagnose at home, it’s a great solution.  Although I don’t have insurance they accept all major forms of it and, as I found out today, my family doctor is the medical supervisor of the clinic I attended!  Kind of like going to the urgent care in his building, but it didn’t cost me $300.  I went form being really worried this morning to only mildly inconvenienced and coming home with about $40 of other stuff that I picked up in the CVS as I waited for my prescription.  Not much else happened today – I ended up having to wash a bunch of stuff and disinfecting everything else – but it’s a Saturday and sometimes that’s what you do on a Saturday.

Oh, and since I’ve never had pink eye before it counts as something new for “Doing New Things in January.”  Yay for maintaining a theme.

See you tomorrow!  A little less pink.


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