Project 365 8-9-2010 Judge, Jury & Jailer

I am a prisoner.

You are a prisoner.

We are all prisoners and our prison is one that we cannot ever escape that binds us in chains that never give.

Our jailer?  Time.

Time never stops, does not care for your excuses and never shows mercy.  Conversely time does not make considerations based on sex or creed and proceeds at a set rate, never changing.  But still there is only so much time per day and no matter what you do you can never create more or sweet talk it into sticking around.  Time moves on, time does not wait and time will leave you behind if you are not caught up.

Time is a bitch and sometimes I feel like it is laughing at me!

I am so grateful for how things are progressing right now: I’m getting married to a wonderful girl, business is (finally) picking up and my plan to be completely out of all debt is coming together in ways I did not expect, but there is a lot to do and time management, as I’ve discussed before, continues to be my biggest struggle.  I’ve taken the only step that I can to ensure that I have more time during business hours and that is to wake up earlier – significantly earlier – which, thus far, has helped.

But time is a cruel judge and even on days when I feel very productive the check list never seems to have enough ticks off of it.  So I saw this:

I saw it as the wooden avatar of time ignoring me.

That bastard!

See you tomorrow!

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