Project 365 8-8-2010 Duck Poop

It feels like everyone I know is traveling except me.  Rene just got back from doing a show in Portland, my Dad leaves for Philadelphia soon and both of my parents just got back from visiting family in Indiana.

My travel itch is dying to be scratched, but there’s no way that we can take the time right now to go anywhere unless it’s business related – which has motivated me to get something going outside of the state!

One of the things I like best about traveling is the fun local goodies that are available no matter where you end up.  Rene brought home one of these delightful treats from Portland:

Yep, duck droppings.

It’s candy.

Praline covered peanuts dipped in chocolate.

They also have powdered sugar on them – which just adds to the duck poop look.

I would have taken a picture of them in all their poopy glory but every time I took one out of the bag I ate it.

For poop it was really tasty.

For that matter for candy it was really tasty!

See you tomorrow!

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