Project 365 8-2-2010 Delays, Excuses, Etc.

There was a four day delay on the blog posts, sorry about that.  This is turning into a bad habit.  This time there was a better reason than usual, Rene is going through an ISP switch and so we didn’t have internet all weekend except via phone.

Honestly I’m also really starting to feel the crunch time wise. Looking for funding, planning a wedding, teaching and trying to get the acting career moving again all take time and there are only twenty-four hours each day.  I was up at 5:30 this morning and very active and still couldn’t accomplish as much as I wanted.

I am, however, really liking my new “To Do List for the week” thing that I’m doing!  It’s keeping me on task and gives me a good idea for how things are shaping up.  I just wish it wouldn’t fill up so quickly!

Here’s today’s pic:

This is the skin of a dog toy that was mauled and gutted.  I think it might make a fine pair of slippers.

See you tomorrow!

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