Project 365 8-3-2010 My Dad Got an iPad

My dad got an iPad today.  My first reaction was that this made my dad more “cutting edge” than I am until we realized that his computer is too old for iTunes to work on so they needed my help to activate it and use it.

He has already started buying apps and he cannot wait to go out and get a bitchin’ cover/case for it.

He had the excited look on his face that is usually reserved for 6 year-olds on Christmas morning.  That was a pretty neat thing to see.  Growing up I have seen lots of people my age and younger really excited about gifts that really touch them.  Things like that stick with you.  I remember when I had ear surgery when I was a kid and I was stuck in-doors for about six weeks (I think); my mom bought me a metric ass-ton of G.I. Joe figures so I would have cool toys to play with as I healed.  I’ve never forgotten that first moment when I looked in the grocery bag and saw blister card upon blister card upon blister card of Joes all ready to battle Cobra.  But my parents always seemed to get their satisfaction out of seeing my sister and I happy, this was the first time that I saw him get something that 1) he had no idea he was getting and 2) it was something he REALLY wanted.  It made me excited for him!

Dad’s going to get a lot of use out of it pretty fast, he has business trips coming up over the rest of the year.  We’re figuring out how to get books and movies from iTunes and other online retailers and, really, he just likes tapping on it.  I was really impressed with the interface, I can see why these things are so popular.

Naturally the iPad is today’s picture:

Sorry it’s blurry, I wanted to get the screen and when it had the flash on it didn’t come out.

See you tomorrow!

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