Project 365 7-23-2010 Tired…

Business lunch, business calls, business everything.  The day on the whole came down as a wash, but next week is looking good.  Even though I can count the day as a wash it started with a healthy set-back, but that set-back helped to focus a few directions that I hadn’t considered before as well as reminding me of some obvious solutions that were always available, but not always affordable.

I’m done thinking about this today so I’m moving on.

Tonight Rene and I saw “The Producers” at The Maverick Theater and it was REALLY GOOD!  If you can get tickets (they’re selling out fast!) I highly recommend it.

After we talked to our friends for a bit and ended up being out later than I thought.

Today’s picture is a tired me:

Naturally I forgot to get out the camera when all the good stuff was happening, but this was the result at the end of the day.

See you tomorrow!

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