Project 365 7-22-2010 There’s a whole lotta’ good!

What do planning a wedding, planning an elopement, having a business meeting overlooking the water and teaching all have in common?

This guy, this guy right here!

Yes, you read right, a wedding AND elopement!

We’re nothing if not thorough.

Backstory: Rene really wanted to be married at a winery, but that was not going to be possible with the budget that is available to us and that bummed her out.  The Hacienda was a wonderful second choice, but it always clawed at her that she wasn’t going to have her pictures in the vines.  Then it looked like we might have to cancel the ceremony completely and then it looked like we might only be able to elope… it was a mess.

Through some crazy math and parental intervention (thanks guys!) we were able to solve the wedding issues and that inspired Rene to take a stab at getting the winery wedding she always wanted – and she got it!  When Rene really wants something she’s really good at negotiating it out.  So, for virtually nothing, she’ll get all the pictures in the vines that she wants, a nice lunch and we’ll be with just a tight group of whomever can make it on that day.  It’s pretty neat.

On top of that we still get to have the wedding, wedding…

…shit there’s actually a lot that I have to do for that.

I should get on that.

Today’s picture is from my investor meeting this morning:

It’s tough to beat lunch and a good discussion overlooking the ocean.

Crap, I literally just thought about all the stuff we need to finalize in the next two weeks – it’s gonna’ be exciting!

See you tomorrow!

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