Project 365 7-24-2010 Show Time!

There were all kinds of shows happening today: Rene was doing a show at a casino somewhere out in BFE, I had a Shmimprov show and 7k was playing at The Back Alley Bar in Fullerton.

Honestly I was planning on just recounting the day/night, but I feel like that’s been happening in this blog way too much.  Part of the reason that I do this in the first place is to make sure that I write every day but I don’t want to just be writing about the day, I doubt that it’s interesting reading.  So I’m going to make an effort to be more open and actually WRITE in this blog, even if it means that some of the days pop up late.

Today’s picture is perfect for what I’m talking about:

Originally I was using it because I felt that my hair looked “cartoony” but in the picture it doesn’t strike the same effect.  It is ridiculously close-up, though, so every skin imperfection and detail is visible – heaven forbid you actually click on it and make it full size.

Here’s to a new direction!

See you tomorrow!

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