Project 365 6-4-2010

Woke up.

Morning meeting meant morning commute so I stopped for coffee at 7-11 and got freaked out by the fact that you can now buy not only Farmville, Yoville and Mafia Wars gifts cards at 7-11 but also Farmville ice cream and bottled water.  between that and the fact that 7-11 is now selling their own brand of beer (Game Day) I think that we may be seeing the biggest rise in 7-11 since the invention of the Slurpy.

Meeting went well then just paperwork and phone calls.  My days are starting to take on a sameness that I’m not comfortable with – I don’t feel any significant movement and it is frustrating!  Still, I’m gonna’ keep on keepin’ on  ‘cuz that’s the only way to get the work done.

We celebrated Rene’s sister-in-law’s birthday and today’s picture is of Rene and Frankie chillin’ in the backseat:

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I was shocked when my Big Gulp had a Mafia Wars code on it. Then I was more shocked, when I realized that I was having thoughts about bringing it home to give to one of my friends, who is an avid player. I ended up throwing it away – still not sure if that was the correct choice LOL!

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