Project 365 4-6-2010 I Now Belong to a Gym.

I will not bore you with details of what it is like waiting on contract details and other people’s lawyers.  Suffice it to say that it is not my favorite thing.

Instead let’s talk about my new adventure – joining a gym!

I didn’t so much “join” as “got-added-to-Rene’s-account-through-the-workout buddy-program” they have at Bally’s.  It was a pretty quick process and it’s really cheap, $20/mo.  Now I can get into tip top wedding shape!  Before I used to have a gym available at all the places I lived, but since 2006 not so much.  I tried running and strength training at home – had some good results – but I hate running outside in the heat (I don’t like breathing hot air) and it’s hard to get good cardio any other way.  I’m looking forward to all the toys and stuff they have there and I can go to any Bally’s across the nation!  Apparently that isn’t how many gyms work anymore.  I get a free personal trainer session on Friday so I’m gonna’ try and get limber before he finds out just how out of shape I am.

I’m gonna’ go because my mind is distracted by looking at my inbox waiting for news. 

Almost forgot, if you’re in the market for geek toys I’m selling some on eBay.  You can click on, or look up seller lordtrygve.

Today’s picture is of my new membership card:

Should I be holding out on mentioning Bally’s name until they offer sponsorship?  Eh, maybe next time.

See you tomorrow!

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