Project 365 4-7-2010

Along with our membership to Bally’s came a free personal trainer appointment.  Rene and I had that appointment today.  I’m shocked at how out of shape I am.  I thought I was good when I was poppin’ emails and talking contracts on the treadmill – but then Tony, that is the name of my torturer, invited me to workout with him and Rene.

I won’t embarrass myself by explaining how the “simple” cross training exercises made me feel like I was going to puke.  In my defense I knew that I was out of shape and had planned to keep it really light as I felt out my new environment.

I go back Friday for my scheduled ass-kicking.

Today’s pic has nothing to do with anything:

This was a sign outside the gas station that I saw when I was filling up. I always wonder why the gas station has a full on pizza joint in it and this sign does not help answer that question, but I guess I’m happy to know that there is a place to get bread sticks even while I get gas.

Also I like this song and video:

See you tomorrow!

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