Project 365 4-5-2010

Today went by so fast and was spent playing catching up.  I hate having to wait on other people for stuff, especially when I get a good momentum going.  But better to be waiting on someone else then to have all hope gone.  The most exciting thing I did was prepare the next set of lots for eBay.  I found another box of “childhood” worth selling and with a wedding coming up it seemed like a good idea to get that stuff out.

In fact today’s picture is one of those lots:

They are old Resident Evil action figures from my brief obsession with the game.  After looking at eBay to see what these are going for I think I can expect $10-$15 for the whole set.  That’s a fifth of a person at the wedding!!

I better win the lotto.

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  I’m also posting this blast from the past that I had forgotten about until Rene found it again:

The Easter Bunny does hate you and, if you want more back story on what made E.B. so violent you can go HERE but, personally, I prefer the shorter version.

See you tomorrow!

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