Project 365 4-26-2010

Now that Rene has a jobby-job I am the one primarily with Frankie for most of the day, working from home has its advantages.  But now that I’m spending so much time with him I’m finding it really hard to leave when I have to go places.  To alleviate that a bit I took him with me as I did my errands yesterday!  He was so excited when we first left the house.  He wanted to know where we were going and what we were going to do when we got there and who he would see.  He really perked up when he saw that we were going to my parent’s house where his puppy cousins, Abby and Pete, live.

They had a pretty typical puppy play-date: running, barking, napping, etc.  On the way back home he slept like a baby all curled up in the front seat, only popping his head up to see if we were home yet.  After a day of phone calls, emails and downloads it’s nice to remember that it’s the simple things, like Frankie playing with his puppy cousins, that really makes a day memorable.

Today’s picture is me and Frankie after we finally got home:

See you tomorrow!

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