Project 365 3-15-2010

I didn’t get the picture that I wanted today.  I didn’t even think about it until I started writing this.  What I wanted to have a picture of today are the wedding planning books that Rene and I got today.  What I actually have a picture of today is this:

That’s right, it’s a bag of socks.

Really the day was far more exciting than that.  First of all I was doing business with the east coast, organizing some final contract stuff (FINALLY!!!) and generally having a productive Monday.  Then we took some time to hit Barnes & Noble and grab some required reading for wedding planning (I’ll try to include those pictures in tomorrow’s blog).  Rene seems to shift between being really excited and really over-whelmed when it comes to the wedding.  It’s really cute.

The thing that seemed to kind of weird up the day, though, was the fact that Rene’s parent’s had an opportunity to make some upgrades to their home, including a much needed central A/C system, and decided to go for it!  It was really exciting to see how quickly it all came together.  The initial consultation happened this morning and was finished by 10am.  I guess it’s a testament to the lack of work out there that they could have a team in the house and working by noon!  As cool as it was to have the new water heater, central air and heat all installed the same day they were ordered it kind of messed with any chance of getting anything other than that done at Rene’s house.  So I had to head home, and then teach.  Now I’m going to watch “Monster” on Chiller and go to sleep.

Oh, and I found this:
demotivational posters

See you tomorrow!

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