Project 365 3-16-2010 Love, Lawyers & LOST

I’m listening to a bunch of music right now as I write this.  Thanks to Entertainment Weekly I’ve been turned on to UK techno sensation Little Boots.  She’s tiny, blonde and writes fun electro dance tracks that are very Lady Gaga like, but a little more mainstream.  Her name is also the same as the nickname for the Roman Emperor Caligula.  I added the song Earthquake to my MySpace play-list.  It’s at the bottom.

Today was a good day.  Business wise paperwork is finally at the final lawyer stage so funding is very close!  It’s been a turbulent ride to get to this point and, although the ride isn’t actually over yet and the whole deal could still fall horribly apart, today was a good “win.”

I also got a chance to catch up with some old friends that I haven’t talked to in a while and it was really nice.  So often friendships can be made or broken by proximity and in L.A. it is easy to lose track of the people you don’t see very often, but it was nice to see that the phone is still a good way to connect… and that my calls still get taken after such a long absence 😉

Rene and I texted and phoned about possible wedding venues today.  She has good ideas and I have outlandish ones.  I like her ideas better, but when I randomly shout out places it makes me feel like I’m making a larger contribution than I am.  Her current plan is my favorite and I’m pushing for it… unless she gets a better idea.  When she’s ready I’m sure she’ll post the location in her blog.

Fianlly we ended the day with Greek food and wine at our LOST night at Dean’s house.  LOST is slowly becoming the addition to the evening instead of the reason for the evening.  In my opinion the night is now all about getting together for dinner and conversation… oh, and then we watch LOST.  It’s a great way to end a Tuesday.  Like our brunches of old, LOST night is a bastion of highfalutin’ conversations on topics that cover the most mundane (like soap and salad dressing) to the most controversial (politics and abortion).  It’s a lot of fun and we have a variety of view points in the group so I feel like we usually get a good look at the different sides of the issue.

Today’s picture is of the group of us in discussion at the dinner bar:

We also have a posed group shot, but I feel like this represents the flow of the evening better.

See you tomorrow!

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