Project 365 3-14-2010

Two days after the proposal and life is essentially back to normal – with the exception of the growing number of bridal magazines, guest lists and venue options.

We began the day with a large group of friends at Spadra.  We recently found out the the Fullerton restaurant staple is closing down and so we are trying to enjoy as many brunches there as we can before the final date.  I got their mushroom crepe which, if you have the chance, I suggest you try.  It is a mushroom omelet wrapped in a crepe and then covered in a mushroom sauce.  It is truly delightful!

Then I had to go teach.

Then we went to my parent’s house to celebrate our engagement with chicken poperkosh and cupcakes.  We had a great night that finished up with a good bottle of wine and sitting with Frankie.  Now we just need to see what comes tomorrow!

Today’s picture is from my parent’s house:

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I really hope the chicken and the cupcakes weren’t combined! x

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