Project 365 2-12-2010 Same ol’, same ol’…

Today was more of the same stuff you’ve been reading about for days, so I’m not going to talk about that.  OK, maybe a little because one of my meetings today was with my friend Erik and his baby girl.  We had to go over a contract thing and he bought me lunch.  Good guy.  We had bar-b-q in old town Orange and I stuffed myself full of fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries and a Philly Cheese Steak.  After all the indulging in “under 30 food” this week my body is bloated and gross – but it was soooooo good!

Anyway, tonight I performed in Shmimprov tonight and today’s picture is the sold out crowd!

We’ve been selling out all the shows since the beginning of the year and that’s pretty exciting.  Follow the link to check out the Improv Shmimprov website.  I took this picture right before we played the first game, “What Are You Doing?” and told the audience that it was going to be on the blog.  I don’t know if they believed me, but here it is!

See you tomorrow!

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