Project 365 2-11-2010 It’s The First Anniversary!

Today marks the first birthday of this blog – and my nephew’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Dylan!

In other news, I’m tired of typing.  Three days straight of typing and the only time I stop is when I go to meetings, have calls to make or teach.  Even adding all that up I’m pretty sure that I spend more time typing – and figuring out GIMP the open source alternative to Photoshop.  I have recently discovered a series of open source tools that are replacing very expensive programs including GIMP and PDFCreator and they are making me VERY happy!  Even though I’m blatantly bitching about the amount of typing the reasons for the typing make me pretty happy.  I just finished a package I’ve been working on for the last two days and so I’m celebrating with bread and wine… and more typing.  Today’s picture is of my snack and wine.

Through the wine haze I just realized that I didn’t just complete one package but two!  Today is getting better by the second!  In honor of everything that has been completed I’m going to go to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

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