It’s Wednesday and You Know What That Means!!!!

The new “3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean” is up!

We are shooting more episodes soon and want to know what YOU want discussed!  Hit us at the Wiggy Twitter, Curtis’s Twitter, The Wiggy Webs Channel, The Facebook Fan pages for Curtis or Wiggy or right here in the comments of this blog!  We’ve already received some great ideas, but the more we have the more we can shoot.

That’s all the shameless self-promotion that we’re going to do today, but I hope you enjoy the video.  We are down to the last episode before we shoot new ones and Dean and I have some new ideas to implement that we’re pretty excited about.  New intro!  New opening and closing music!  All new, all different editing techniques that will probably be unnoticeable to the casual viewer!  Good stuff.

I recorded a new episode of The Shmimcast last weekend, I mentioned it on Twitter, and when it is released I will post a link here to it.  Also, I’m going to be playing with the look of the blog this week as we play with the new web stuff – so don’t be surprised.

There’s so much stuff I want to tell you about – but it isn’t time.  I’ll just have to wait.

See you tomorrow!

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