What?!?! Is that a new URL?!?!?


And no.

I’ve owned CurtisAndersen.com for quite a while, but it has gone through some… developmental problems.  Some of you may remember the last debacle before I just pointed to the MySpace page – but now that MySpace is horribly irrelevant and I actually do like it when people read my blog I’m pointing the URL to my blog!

Now I should probably mention that I intend this to be a temporary fix.  I’m meeting with the web team soon to pop-up the Cheerleaders Must Die page and we have already been talking about how to manifest the new CurtisAndersen.com page.  We have a solution but I’m not a code guy so it may take a while even then, though, the primary focus will be the blog so why not start now?

In other news there’s a new “Story Time with Ray”:

Have some neat things in the pipe.  I’ll mention them when they actually become something.

See you tomorrow!

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