Mobile Blog: Swimming & In-N-Out = Summer

The nice thing about working in production is that you have a certain amount of freedom with your time and on days like today that means hittin' the pool with my sister and the nephews.

I don't always get a chance to do this but when I do it's always a lot of fun and it takes me right back to when I used to be able to just hang out at the pool when I was in high school.

I think all of us that are old enough can look back fondly on those high school days, forget whatever drama there was & enjoy it with the kind of "Americana Googles" that paints the memories of our parents & grandparents. For me swimming at the pool by my parents house always needed to end with a Double Double. Today was no different.

I wish I could describe how the nostalgia plays out in my brain, but I'm very confident most of you have memories of your own. It feels good. Makes me happy & warm & oogly woogly. And now that I've had my burger I'm full.

I hope you have wonderful summer days & feel free to tell your own stories in the comments!

See you tomorrow!

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