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Fireside Chats with Television’s Curtis Andersen & Jeff Garvin from the World of Books

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.05.45 PM

The time has come! Below is the first episode of Fireside Chat with Jeff Garvin & Curtis Andersen. In it we give you the set-up to what we are doing and talk a little bit about what it’s like being a late 30-something looking back on our own teenage writings.

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If you want to see more from us visit these sites:


Jeff Garvin Books

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Happy New Year! Here’s what’s Coming Up!


I am writing this in the last hour of January 1st, 2016. These last two months have been a whirlwind mostly focused on my quest to become a working actor again epitomized by the Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen series of videos on my YouTube Channel. Here’s the latest one from today:

And here are the links to the playlists for November and December, in case you want to catch up:

In addition, my friend Author Jeff Garvin and I are trying an experiment where we go through and read sections of our old high school journals. Yes, it’s exactly what you think:

Rene and I have big plans for this year! Keep your eye here for all the info!

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Net Neutrality – The Fight is Getting Bigger

Photo: Act.Watchdog.Net

Photo: Act.Watchdog.Net

On February 5, 2015 the new rules proposal for broadband will be circulated for review. Later this month, February 26th, the FCC will vote on these regulations. They are reported to go the direction that Net Neutrality activists have hoped, and that’s a good thing, but the new Republican congress who benefits from an average of $350 million dollars a year in campaign contributions from the communications industry is attempting to derail all the progress that has been made. As described in the article linked to above, opponents to the idea of true Net Neutrality (personified by Sen. John Thune R-SD and Rep. Fred Upton R- Michigan) oppose the idea of reclassification and are proposing a separate bill that neuters the authority of the FCC thereby opening a backdoor to the kinds of actions that Net Neutrality activists were hoping to see squashed, like internet fast lanes.

In case you need a reminder of why reclassification is essential and why communication companies cannot be trusted to “self regulate” just check out this article which shows what happened when Netflix was forced to negotiate with Comcast.

On top of the big internet providers attempting to charge content providers, other businesses have been getting crafty as well.  A large penalty was just levied on Marriott Hotels because they were blocking private wi-fi hotspots, the kind offered by carriers like Verizon and Sprint, and forcing people to purchase the wi-fi through the hotel. Although they were caught and fined, this is likely just the first of many such attempts as large companies try to find a way to grab market share on internet service as it becomes part of people’s daily lives more and more.

Even though true Net Neutrality is so close, the fight is still on and it is important not to stop making our desire for an open and free internet known.  If you enjoy things like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and even online dating then this effects you and your life.

You can follow THIS LINK to learn how to have your voice heard. Contact your representatives and let them know that you like your internet just fine and want it to stay free and open.

Keep up the fight!



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The State of Stuff?!? Wiggy Webs is coming back!

Wiggy Webs is on the come back, and we have a brief State of Stuff to talk about it.

So check it out and then subscribe!

See you next time!

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I’m Writing This Under Duress!

I want to take a nap SO BAD! Rene has been sick since Sunday and, even though I tried very hard, I think I got a touch of it.

Not think, I know. I know I got a touch of it. My body has been trying to rest all week and, for the most part, I’ve been able to indulge it but today I have shit to do and I shouldn’t take a nap.

But I really want to take a nap.

Actually I should probably take a nap. Then I can work well rested.

Yeah, that sounds good!

Here, watch a video:

See you tomorrow!

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New Vids, Kickstarter, ShmimCast & Noticing a Slowdown

Hello friends, followers, lurkers and stalkers! August 2nd marks the day that I publicly state that I’m going to get back to daily posting. For what it’s worth.

This is mostly selfish. I’ve noticed that since my blogging has gotten lackadaisical I have had a significant dropoff in readers. That’s no good! I like you guys! I look forward to your comments, messages and Tweets so I clearly need to maintain my side of the deal better. I also want to let you know that not ALL my posting will be Shameless Self Promotion and Plugs. There will still be SOME, but I’ll be getting back to what this blog was developed for – writing practice.

But let’s get the plugs and stuff out of the way.

New Story Time with Ray! He’s writin’ poems!

The Kickstarter Campaign! We are making The Cheerleaders Must Die! and we need your help.

The Cheerleaders Must Die! Official Fan Page. Like it!

OK, there we go. Next up!

I have been learning, against my will, how to code websites. It’s like math class in junior high all over again. Except harder.

The coding itself isn’t too bad, it’s logical and as long as you pay attention it’s hard to make any real mistakes, but navigating the different control panels between different companies – especially those where the HELP CHAT IS NOT WORKING – is frustrating, aggravating and, especially for me, momentum killing. So far, as long as I can find the section I need to work on, I’ve been doing alright. I’ve had a great deal of help from friends Scott Sanford, computer genius, and Amy Dallen, a cy-curious genius (get it? CY-curious?! like CYBER-curious?!?! I KILL me!) without who I would be treading the computer equivalent of water. Still stuck on a couple key things – my email still isn’t redirecting correctly (sorry if you’ve tried to send mail there) and our main domain for TCMD! isn’t resolving – but they are getting worked on as I write this.

I should let you know that I’ve been away from this blog for a while. I’ve lost my writing momentum and this is stream of consciousnesses writing to try and get back on track. Not sure that it’s working.

Have you listened to my latest episode of The Shmimcast? It’s gotten some very positive reviews and I think it’s not too bad. totally worth a listen!

I surrender. Here’s a picture of me with a muppet:

See you tomorrow!

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There’s So Much Going On!

I’ve been to ComiCon, we’ve had the Wiggy Webs shows coming out, we started a new Kickstarter campaign for The Cheerleaders Must Die!, new websites are being built, new social networking is happening and I have to repair my email address and the tracking on the WVS blog.

It’s been a busy week.

All technical things aside, even though they have taken/are taking a lot of time, the creative things and the progress on different projects are really feeling good! I’ll take you through bit by bit.

  1. ComiCon – this is my first ComiCon since 1997! At that show I got strep throat, ate Greek food for the first time, bought a Green Lantern t-shirt and power ring. It was fun, crowded and very geeky. With the exception of almost dying from the strep it was a good time. This year was all about business and supporting my buddy Zeke and the short film he did with our good friends over at The Price. Not much has changed from when I was last there, and based on what I was told this is the first year where it felt like it was about comic books again, it was still fun, crowded and very geeky – but we were also able to do some real movie business! There are pictures on my Fan Page.
  2. To get it out of the way, I screwed up the path to my email addresses. My bad. I’m fixing it, but just in case you can also reach me at
  3. The Cheerleaders Must Die! – This movie is getting made! Just, not yet. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for some of the materials we need to get the financing that will get this movie made! Please check it out here and even if you can’t donate we hope you’ll send it to your friends because crowd source financing works best when you have a large crowd! Also by this tim next week we’ll have some fun new official news about the movie – keep your eyes on the Wiggy website for details!
  4. WiggyWebs – To wrap us up today I want to make sure you know about this week’s Wiggy Web’s shows! New “Story Time with Ray” and “3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean!” We’ve also started pre-production on some new bits and bobs for August!

So that’s about all for updates!  See you tomorrow!

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I, Literally, Saw A Meat Sack… And Joss Whedon

I have been powering away at a new blog for a few weeks now.  It’s still cookin’, I’m working on my endings since then tend to peter out at the end, but it’s not done so in the mean time I thought it might be a good idea to tell you about other things.  Things like what I saw today while shooting the documentary. We can ignore the fact that I ran into Stan Lee in the parking garage (even though it was frickin’ cool!) because what I saw today was pretty gross and shouldn’t be remembered in the same brain cells.

As you probably already know we’re working on a documentary about plastic surgery and a part of that is filming surgeries. Today we got to see two of the original breast implants from 1983 removed from a woman.


Twenty-four years!

From what we were told today, and later saw, those old implants were never designed to last that long.  They were intended to be placed for ten years and then replaced – like tires.  At least that’s what we were told. The scary part is that both implants had burst.

That’s bad.

It was kinda’ ok though because her body had formed scar tissue, called encapsulation, around the implant completely containing the leaking silicone.

Except that encapsulation is bad too.

Her body has been fighting the implants and trying to heal for almost thirty years!

When the doctor removed the scar tissue it looked like really thick placenta filled with sand, crumbled egg shells and cottage cheese.  It was awful.  The implant had discolored and the silicone looked like baby poop or diarrhea.

It is relieving to know that modern implants are built to outlive the person they’re in because this was a very unfortunate sight to see.

On a happier note, new “3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean!”

See you tomorrow!


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What?!?! Is that a new URL?!?!?


And no.

I’ve owned for quite a while, but it has gone through some… developmental problems.  Some of you may remember the last debacle before I just pointed to the MySpace page – but now that MySpace is horribly irrelevant and I actually do like it when people read my blog I’m pointing the URL to my blog!

Now I should probably mention that I intend this to be a temporary fix.  I’m meeting with the web team soon to pop-up the Cheerleaders Must Die page and we have already been talking about how to manifest the new page.  We have a solution but I’m not a code guy so it may take a while even then, though, the primary focus will be the blog so why not start now?

In other news there’s a new “Story Time with Ray”:

Have some neat things in the pipe.  I’ll mention them when they actually become something.

See you tomorrow!

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Monday Pluggin’ and A Hint of Things to Come…

Getting the plug out of the way first: NEW STORY TIME WITH RAY!!!!!!!

OK, so other things that get repeated in here too often: very busy, shooting stuff, working on papers for new projects, blah, blah, blah – all of this is still true, but for those of you who remember that I have a geeky side – and I know you’re out there – the geekness is back – and I’m taking pictures!

I’m not going to put it in this blog, today is about Ray, but soon (maybe tomorrow?) you’ll see the geeky underbelly and what I’ve had time to do since Rene has been doing her professional intensive at SCR.  Might have to go into that in more detail as well.

Anyway, enjoy Ray, subscribe, etc.  I’ve got to get back to work!

See you tomorrow!

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