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Fun Video Friday! Lego Star Wars Edition!

Lego is in it’s prime right now. As a guy who spent many years building and playing with them it’s exciting to see that the sets have only gotten better! In addition to the bricks themselves there are the videos games and cartoons that are bringing Lego magic to all who play or watch them. Here’s another bit of that magic. There is a new set of Star Wars Lego coming out called Star Wars Microfighters and today’s video is the new commercial for them:

See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday – The Lego Movie Trailer

I have LOVED Lego since I was eight years old.

I collected a massive amount of space Lego and created variation after variation of space craft. I grew up in the ’80’s when Lego was beginning it’s renaissance and moving beyond the simple “brick” and started adding tubes and special shapes that are now very common.

I still remember my favorite ship – it was two-pieces where the front could disengage from the back and the back became a base for your guys. I even found a picture!

Picture via

Just writing this is putting me in happy-memory-land.

The kids of today have all kinds of cool new options and licenses of Lego (including the AVENGERS!!!!) and now they are getting a movie – and it looks really good! For today’s Fun Video Friday I present the trailer for The Lego Movie:

See you next time!

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