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New Site, New Projects and The Age of Ultron!

Website Banner is officially back up and, although there’s still some tweeking to do, it’s time to post again!


The big thing I want to focus on is the launch of Fun Size Horror which is NEXT MONDAY! Not familiar with Fun Size Horror? It’s 31 micro-short horror films playing the week of Halloween done by over a dozen up-and-coming filmmakers, including yours truly. Follow the links to the WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE. It’s been a hell of a thing getting this together this year, but the projects that I’ve seen come through are really good and cover the spectrum of horror sub-genres. Go check things out and look for Bloody Mary on Wednesday October 29th on Shock Till You Drop.

BM 8

The last thing I want to touch on is the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer – omfg.

See you next time.

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Fun Video Friday – The Lego Movie Trailer

I have LOVED Lego since I was eight years old.

I collected a massive amount of space Lego and created variation after variation of space craft. I grew up in the ’80’s when Lego was beginning it’s renaissance and moving beyond the simple “brick” and started adding tubes and special shapes that are now very common.

I still remember my favorite ship – it was two-pieces where the front could disengage from the back and the back became a base for your guys. I even found a picture!

Picture via

Just writing this is putting me in happy-memory-land.

The kids of today have all kinds of cool new options and licenses of Lego (including the AVENGERS!!!!) and now they are getting a movie – and it looks really good! For today’s Fun Video Friday I present the trailer for The Lego Movie:

See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday! NSFW… But Seriously, there’s a monster in his butt.

It isn’t everyday that a movie comes out about a monster that lives in a man’s butt, but today let us celebrate that this movie exists.

Released by Magnet, quickly becoming a top horror distributor with original and, many times, actually scary movies in their stable, Bad Milo looks like a great time!

And fans of The State may recognize the film’s star, Ken Marino!

Seriously, unless they’re ok with you watching lots of gore and butt monsters at your place of business, this is NSFW.

See you next time!

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It’s Late, But It’s SO COOL!!!!!

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Trick ‘r Treat

Rene and I had a very mellow Halloween this year. Instead of parties and costumes we opted to watch Halloween movies in bed with the the dog instead. It was nice. On the playlist for the evening is a little movie called Trick ‘r Treat.

I like this movie for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a fun Halloween movie! “Horror” has made such a dramatic turn to “torture porn” that I think most people have forgotten that horror can be fun and that you don’t need to feel dirty when you leave the movie.
  2. It pays tribute to the past while contributing to the legends and the lore. There is a whole “world” developed for this movie. In this little section of Ohio there has been horrible tragedy and gritty crime! The traditions of Halloween take center stage and are based on the actual beginnings of this annual candy fest, even if they are exaggerated just a bit. Both things work together to create a movie that is very easy to connect to.
  3. Sam.
  4. No “stars.” Recognizable actors? Absolutely! Good actors? Absolutely! Biggest stars – Anna Paquin and Brian Cox, and they’re very good at what they do, but they’re only in a quarter of the movie. It all hinges on story and talent – not names!
  5. They had to fight to get it out. I appreciate that a lot since I can relate. there’s too much story to go into here, but this page has the whole sorted deal.
  6. All the stories are connected… kinda’. Since it all happens in the same town on the same night, practically on the same block, there are lots of cross-overs between stories and filmmakers did a great job of making sure the paths all cross.

I agree with Fangoria that we have a new classic on our hands. It ranks up there as a holiday film that you want to watch over and over. Oh, and to you parents out there, it isn’t so scary or gory that kids as young as tweens can’t watch it – although the end of the werewolf story is a bit racy, but that’s you’re call.

Here’s the trailer:

See you tomorrow!

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The Wrestler: Grindhouse Style

What would The Wrestler look like if it were a Grindhouse horror film? Probably something like this.

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Paranormal Activity

I love horror movies! They are best when they scare the crap out of me.

This movie is scaring the crap out of people.

I invite you to check out /Film to read the stories that include how Steven Spielberg mailed his copy of the screener back in a trash bag claiming it was haunted. About how the Hollywood screenwriters asked to watch the film for a possible big studio remake walked out of the film, not because they thought it was bad but because they were scared.

I can’t WAIT to see this movie! Enjoy the trailer!

See you tomorrow!

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The Number to Heaven

From the makers of Treevenge I present you with The Number to Heaven!

What? You don’t know what Treevenge is?!?!!??! Well watch this then!

The full film is available, just Google it or go to the official website TREEVENGE.COM. Rene, Zeke and I got a chance to see it at Sundance this last year and it was AWESOME! Take the time to find and watch this fantastic short film.

Hope you’re not easily offended!

See you tomorrow!

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Its the End of the World! – The Movie

I’m not the first one to post this, but I definitely wanted to hop on the bandwagon. The new 2012 disaster movie from Roland Emmerich is his next in the “the-world-is-ending-and-only-a-handful-of-people-will-survive-it” movies. This is the same man who brought us such hit films as Stargate, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla. I have never been a huge fan of these films. I did enjoy the TV show based on Stargate, but find the the Emmerich formula is a bit tired. The concepts for the stories are good, in my opinion, but the execution relies so heavily on flashy effects and one dimensional characters that it is really hard for me to relate to, or even feel for, the people on screen. I find myself usually rooting for the disaster, whatever it may be.

Except for Godzilla. I still want my money and 2 hours back for Godzilla.

Someone should be punished for Godzilla.

But then there are the bad movies that I LOVE to watch – 70’s exploitation films! Blackspoitation, disaster, biker… doesn’t matter I love them all! They are just so much fun and they really don’t care. As the kids say, it like total DGAF film making. You can feel the fun come through the screen – cheesy effects and all. This is the 2012 trailer done as if it were made in the 70’s and it makes the movie seem that much better! Also, if you would like to see a new movie that really gets the exploitaion formula right then check out Black Dynamite.

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Movie trailers have come so far!

I was watching some old movie trailers and it amazed me how much this art form(?) has changed over the decades. Much like the difference between commercials now and then, the focus of movie trailers has gotten much more focused and succinct. There are plenty of examples of old school trailers, but this one from 1965’s Fahrenheit 451 I found especially telling.


See you tomorrow!

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