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Fun Video Friday! – 8-Bit Iron Man!

I love Iron Man and one of my favorite old school Nintendo games was Mega Man. Now they have been joined in a glorious video convergence.


See you next time!

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Fun Video Friday! A Clockwork Orange 8-Bit Theater

For those of us in our thirties, the Nintendo Entertainment System burned images into our head that equaled fun and happiness. The 8-bit games sprites were shaped just well enough to figure out what they were, but never super specific. It was like impressionistic painting study on an interactive platform. Today’s video is from the animators at Cinefix and it is the 8-bit “game” of one of my favorite movies “A Clockwork Orange.”


See you next time!

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Project 365 4-4-2010 Easter: Part 2

The second Easter happened on the actual day of Easter at Rene’s parent’s house.  Again it was a whole lot of food that involved ham, baked macaroni (do NOT call it macaroni and cheese!), corn, baked green beans and salad.  Then they got us with the dessert!  New Orleans style bread pudding, strawberry shortcake and tart lemon cake.

Another food coma.

These were, literally, two of the least productive, least active days I can remember.  Even though I played with my nephews a little, even though I decided that yesterday was the day to learn how to play Rock Band using an instrument I can still count these two days as very low impact.

Speaking of Rock Band, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was finally learning how to play using an instrument.  I know I’m late on the “Band”-wagon here but I don’t have a game system at my house (I’ve never been much of a video gamer) and all my friends who do are already mega-experts so I feel self conscious playing with them.  Today, since the nieces brought over their copy complete with guitar and drum kit and since most of the family was busy watching The Princess and the Frog I had a chance to learn me some skills!

I settled on the drums 1) because I used to play drums when I was younger 2) because it made sense to my brain to play a rhythm game with a rhythm instrument and 3) because my fingers do not like the frets on the plastic guitar.  I sat myself down and did the whole warm-up section of songs as a play list and played through the whole thing.  I did pretty well, but knew I’d require more practice – after more food.

I took a forced sabbatical, there were other players playing, and learned by observation about some of the nuances of the game.

Then I created my rock star – Andros the hair-metal, super thin drummer straight out of London!  He went on a short tour.  During my tour I felt the Earth move beneath me.  At first I thought I was just dizzy from watching a video game for so long, but then Rene came running in suggesting that we might be having an earthquake.

My rocking did not stop.  Natural disaster or no I had a set to finish and my digital audience didn’t want excuses – they wanted to rock!  And rock them I did.

As soon as I was done, though, we turned on the TV to see just what had happened – a massive 7.2 quake just south of the boarder in Mexicali, Mexico that was felt across three states (California, Nevada and Arizona) and kind of explains why Frankie has been so jittery the last week.  Within an hour two Facebook groups were formed (one proclaiming “I Survived The Easter Earthquake of 2010” and the other “I Didn’t Survive The Easter Earthquake of 2010” – only on Facebook…), we had heard from many of our friends from across the country and we were educated by Cal Tech all about what we should expect for the next few days.  For us in the L.A. area that amounted to just about nothing.  It was a wild divergence from what we expected on Easter this year.

Today’s picture is of us before the quake:

See you tomorrow!


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Where’s the Mountain Dew?

When you’re a geek, like myself, there are certain stereotypes that you must deal with. For example, gamer geeks, like myself, are not especially known for their hygiene, dietary habits or social abilities. Now, as with all stereotypes, there is some truth to that, but I can say, from my own experience, that a majority of the people that I have ever played games with have been delightful people that were an exception to the stereotypical rule.

However, you folks down there at ComiCon know that the smelly gamer/comic guy exists and they mass annually in San Diego. Right now, in fact! In honor of the brave souls sacrificing their sense of smell, and to all the gamers/comic guys be they ripe or pleasant, this video is for you!

It’s a classic that I was first introduced to in 2001 and is an animated version of the comic sketch ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin comedy troupe, The Dead Alewives. It is from their CD ‘Take Down´╗┐ the Grand Master’. It was produced in 1996. The characters are from the game “Summoner.” I’ve never heard of the game except for this although I’m pretty sure it was released on the PS2.

Without any further ado, here’s “Dungeons & Dragons”…


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God of War!

I don’t have a lot of free time right now. With all of the phone calls, writing and personal responsibilities it’s hard to have any time that can actually be called “extra,” but fate worked in a strange way the other day and I totally took advantage of it. My nephew is starting to learn how to play video games. Right now, at his age, they are extremely family interactive and he plays them with his mom (my sister) and his Mamma (my mom). His favorite game right now is a baseball game. Dylan has been to real games and, if only because his parents are big fans, loves the Angels! He is surprisingly good as a pitcher, better than the rest of us, but needs a little work on hit batting. He also got a video game for Disney’s “Cars.” He didn’t like that one at all. The whole concept of “steering” is still a little out of his grasp and he prefers the movie over the game so we decided to return it.

Now ideally I would have returned the game and gotten him something new to play – but the selections of appropriate game for him on the PS2 was not large so I got a bit selfish – I got a game for myself.


I first played this game way back when Corey, Jeff and I were all in the Casa de Divorce (my old saved game was even on my memory card). I helped Jeff beat it, but never got very far on my own game. Now that God of War 3 is on it’s way I felt like maybe it was time to do a little catch up.

God of War is a very cinematic game. It plays like a movie that you star in, which totally appeals to the actor in me. Taking inspiration from Greek Mythology, you play as Kratos, a jaded Spartan warrior in the service of the Gods. He is tasked by Athena to kill Ares, the God of War. For more details on the plot I will send you to the God of War Wikipedia page.

I played a little bit the day I got it (since my internet connection was down) and remember now why it’s such a fun game. I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to play next, but I’m looking forward to sending the undead back to Hades!

So now I get back to work emailing packages and making calls, sure it isn’t killing the legions of hell with a pair of Chaos Blades, but more importantly it’s a living.

See you tomorrow!

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Blood on the Sand

I like the “No Punctuation” game reviews at Escapist Magazine. I think they are really funny and often post them to my Friend Feed (although I recently discovered that I somehow managed to create a second FF account without realizing it! Stupid ease of use system!) I thought today’s review was especially poignant so I’m posting it here… and to my FF. Hopefully the right one.

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