Fun Video Friday – The Lego Movie Trailer

I have LOVED Lego since I was eight years old.

I collected a massive amount of space Lego and created variation after variation of space craft. I grew up in the ’80’s when Lego was beginning it’s renaissance and moving beyond the simple “brick” and started adding tubes and special shapes that are now very common.

I still remember my favorite ship – it was two-pieces where the front could disengage from the back and the back became a base for your guys. I even found a picture!

Picture via

Just writing this is putting me in happy-memory-land.

The kids of today have all kinds of cool new options and licenses of Lego (including the AVENGERS!!!!) and now they are getting a movie – and it looks really good! For today’s Fun Video Friday I present the trailer for The Lego Movie:

See you next time!

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