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Rose City Comic Con 2018

Last weekend I went on assignment to Rose City Comic Con for Panda Mony Toys. We are releasing our first action figure line next year and we are looking for cool shows to visit. Rose City was pretty great! Here’s a video of my adventures:

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Fun Video Friday! Games of Thrones Honest Trailer

Winter is coming – so here’s an Honest Trailer about it!

Enjoy! – Also tons of spoilers, but there is a non-spoiler option at the beginning of the video.

And about 52 in 52 – I’m still doing it but have been writing long hand because I haven’t been near computers when I’m writing. So I have to transcribe a bunch of stories and it’s taking me a long time. I’ll be posting multiple stories a week as I catch up. For those of you who have been waiting for them – and I’m both glad and surprised by that – thank you for your patience.

See you next time!

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