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This, this, all the this!

If you are a creative, this video will sounds very familiar – but it’s a universal message. Lord knows I’ve been down this road a few times. Determination, persistence and touch of naivete is usually enough to win the day – it’s just the “day” in question usually lasts for years.

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Blog Epic Fail!

Oh, I’m laid low in my shame about how poorly I’ve kept up with my blog.  It’s been nearly a month since my last posting and the whole idea of “making sure I write once a day” and “project 365 2010” have completely fallen off the rails.  It’s not that there isn’t good reason – getting married, several projects all moving forward and starting work on a new documentary – but I’m not a fan of excuses, I prefer results and the current result on this blog is failure.

So I started asking myself what I should do next?  Should I keep up Project 365 2010?  I have a bunch of pictures that are ready to be uploaded, but I’ve definitely missed many days and so it’s starting to feel like the project is actually getting in the way of itself.  It’s also gotten in the way of general blogging since I feel like I need to go back to catch up to what hasn’t been posted – but there are so many things happening RIGHT NOW that my brain has a really hard time focusing on things that happened last month when I really want to talk about things happening today.

So this is what I’ve decided to do – I’m going to post the last remaining pictures I have for Project 365 2010 right here – in this very blog – with no remarks or days and then the project will officially be over.  The blog will hopefully begin again as a daily thing since I’ll be able to mobile blog again without worrying about the pictures.  The end of 2010 is going to be CRAZY busy and there will still be a bunch of pictures, but I think it’s time to drop the whole “picture a day” deal.

Here are the pics!

 See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 9-29-2010 Fail.

My chronic screw-ups lately with taking pictures is both embarrassing and probably should have been expected between work, financing, the show and wedding prep.

I don’t think today will be the last miss.

See you tomorrow.

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Project 365 7-11-2010 Double Fail!

Ugh!  I did it again!  I don’t know what it is about Sundays that has me forget to take pictures, but I did it again.  Rather than just be a shit and post an empty blog I thought I would revisit Friday July 9th.  I was pretty down on the whole Red Carpet thing, but  it is very affecting to be around that much desperation.  It’s one of the reasons that I can’t live in L.A. proper.  But L.A., and the whole evening, was not without it’s good points!  Stan, the movie that the red carpet was for, was very funny and we enjoyed it quite a bit and after the event Rene and I headed over to one of our favorite L.A. spots Miceli’s!  Miceli’s is one of the oldest restaurants in Hollywood and is just beautiful inside!  It feels like a little section of New York was transported into Hollywood.  Every time that we have been there we have seen the same employees and they have always been kind, generous and interesting.  There is a no cell phones policy so, even though the restaurant is smack in the middle of H’wood, there isn’t an H’wood douche vibe.

The food is fine, worthy of eating.  I really like their dinner salad and pizza, but I warn gourmets to go in with appropriate expectations.  The wine list is delightful and Rene and I pretty much keep to the Chiantis.  The real reason  to go is for the atmosphere, the live music and for a chance to visit a real Hollywood land mark.

In lieu of just one picture for today I present a photographic tour of our evening at Miceli’s:

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Project 365 7-5-2010 OH NO!!!!

GAH!  For the first time this year I TOTALLY MISSED A PICTURE!!!!

I just forgot to take one!  Rene didn’t even take any that I could cheat with.

We had such a slow day.  Rene had the day off, but I had to work.  Business may have been shut down in the U.S., but Canada was open for business and so I talked to them.  Then eventually I had to go teach.

I can’t believe I missed a day.

Obviously there’s no picture for today.

See you tomorrow.

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