Project 365 7-11-2010 Double Fail!

Ugh!  I did it again!  I don’t know what it is about Sundays that has me forget to take pictures, but I did it again.  Rather than just be a shit and post an empty blog I thought I would revisit Friday July 9th.  I was pretty down on the whole Red Carpet thing, but  it is very affecting to be around that much desperation.  It’s one of the reasons that I can’t live in L.A. proper.  But L.A., and the whole evening, was not without it’s good points!  Stan, the movie that the red carpet was for, was very funny and we enjoyed it quite a bit and after the event Rene and I headed over to one of our favorite L.A. spots Miceli’s!  Miceli’s is one of the oldest restaurants in Hollywood and is just beautiful inside!  It feels like a little section of New York was transported into Hollywood.  Every time that we have been there we have seen the same employees and they have always been kind, generous and interesting.  There is a no cell phones policy so, even though the restaurant is smack in the middle of H’wood, there isn’t an H’wood douche vibe.

The food is fine, worthy of eating.  I really like their dinner salad and pizza, but I warn gourmets to go in with appropriate expectations.  The wine list is delightful and Rene and I pretty much keep to the Chiantis.  The real reason  to go is for the atmosphere, the live music and for a chance to visit a real Hollywood land mark.

In lieu of just one picture for today I present a photographic tour of our evening at Miceli’s:

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