“Wait, so you posted this yesterday?”

Is what you might be saying to yourself right now since for every other Wiggy Webs released to date thus far I have posted on the Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and blogs all at the same time.

Well, I’m trying something new.

This blog was started as a way for me to be able to push my writing every day and, even though it is perfectly reasonable to want to hock my wares on this page as well as every other I have direct access to, I feel like it isn’t as cool as keeping this a place for writing first and sharing after.  So, yeah, don’t get me wrong I’m still going to post stuff about projects here and shamelessly self-promote through this blog, but it might not be as timely as the Wiggy pages or the Twitter feeds.  Or the Facebook pages.

Ok, this is the only place that won’t just be a page to shill stuff – but I’m still going to do it!

Like today, for instance.  Say you haven’t been to the Wiggy Webs channel on YouTube so perhaps you haven’t seen the new “3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean” where we talk about horror movies.  Well you can now!

And then tomorrow we’ll probably be back to geeky stuff or talking about how my car still isn’t fixed yet.  Oh!  Or maybe how I’m unofficially running for President!  Help me get #Curtis2012 trending on Twitter!

See you tomorrow!

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