Updates and Show Schedules

Labor Day Weekend was phenomenal and Rene and I kept very busy – so busy, in fact, that we neglected almost all of our social networks! Well, I did at least. Rene was a bit better about it. If you’ve visited her Twitter feed then you pretty much know all that has happened this weekend.

All that aside, there are shows coming up and what good is a blog if not for shameless self-promotion?

I’ll be doing Improv Shmimprov during September, but will be taking a bit of a hiatus for the rest of the year, so these next few shows will be your last chance to see me until 2013, assuming we all survive the coming zombie apocalypse that the Mayans predicted in 1984 with the coming of Nimbutu the 10th shadow planet.

Improv Shmimprov:

  • Saturday September 8th
  • Friday September 14th
  • Saturday September 22nd
  • Saturday September 29th
All shows are at 11pm at The Maverick Theater 110 E. Walnut Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831 and cost $5 at the door. More information is available ImprovShmimprov.com where you can also get the Shmimprov app for your iPhone or Android or subscribe to the Shmimcast, the official podcast of Improv Shmimprov.
Rene is doing a new murder mystery show and shows start THIS WEEK!!

You can see her at the San Diego Old Spaghetti Factory by making reservations here: 619-233-4323

Here’s what she’ll look like:
And here’s the flyer with details for upcoming shows:
There are more show dates, I’ll post when I have them.
Talk to you soon!

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