Sundance Wrap-Up and What’s Up for February

We are BACK!

Sundance was amazing this year and incredibly busy!  This is where I apologize for not keeping up with the daily blogging – but if you were paying attention to my Twitter Feed then you had a pretty good idea of what was going on.  If not, here’s the brief rundown in bullet points:

  • Arrived and enjoyed some of Park City’s finest beers and Mexican food.
  • Went to a LOT of industry mixers and mixed with some of our favorite, & new favorite, industry people.
  • Saw mostly good movies (Brick Novax’s Diary, Babyland, Benavides Born, Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of Toynbee Tiles & Here) & one crappy one (Vampire.  Seriously, avoid this one.).
  • Found out I’m still pretty famous in Utah form just 2 things: Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson’s Winning London.
  • Missed a party that I really think I would have enjoyed, but happy that we didn’t get the food poisoning that a few of the attendees got.
  • Left Park City on one of the most beautiful days of the trip.

I was also introduced to a new production tool called doddle.  It’s a program and app that helps production run smoother – specifically when you need a call sheet.  Check out the link above to see a demo, but I’ll be writing up about it more on the Wiggy Blog.

As far as what’s coming up in February – it’s all production and Wiggy Webs!

We’re getting into the filming part of our documentary and that is VERY exciting, but as far as things you can watch you’ll have to check out Wiggy Webs!  Feb. 7th will launch the first of the new programs on our channel so I hope you’ll check that out.

See you tomorrow!

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