Mobile Blog: Sundance 2011: Day 1

Travel days are always a bit stressful, especially when you're traveling on about three hours of sleep, but this year's trip started off pretty well. Once we were actually awake & on our way, there were no delays & we even had time to get breakfast at the airport – which was surprisingly good!

The flight was quick, left on time & arrived on time & all of our luggage was safe & showed up in the same place we did!

Even though we failed to make a reservation for a shuttle from the airport, we were able to get one with no hassle and even the trip between Salt Lake & Park City seemed to go by faster.

The only real hiccup was when we tried to get our credentials, but that was totally on us for not reading our confirmation. Once we were in the right building we were served quickly and well.

We've had great conversations with locals, volunteers & other film makers and have had some great food!

If the rest of the trip stays this good we might not be able to come next year for fear of it not living up to this trip!

Here's hoping.

See you tomorrow!

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